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Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire by Frank Viola – What Is Your Take on the Charismatic Movement?

In case you missed it there was a book written by John MacArthur and a conference that followed it that was highly critical of the charismatic movement. In response to MacArthur’s statements Frank Viola came out with an ebook where he questions MacArthur’s approach and makes his own case for the continuation of spiritual gifts today. If you would like to read the ebook it will be avaiable for download until this Monday at this link

Download Pouring Holy Water on Strange Fire here

Having grown up in the Churches of Christ I have heard all my life that spiritual gifts like healing, speaking in tongues and gifts of prophesy are no longer being done by God or empowered by the Holy Spirit. Here is my opinion on that topic – I haven’t ever spoken in a tongue. I haven’t ever prophesied that I am aware of. I haven’t ever directly healed someone by touching them. However, I have read enough scripture to know that we should never put ourselves in a position to say that God can’t or won’t do something just because it doesn’t fit with our paradigm. It is a foolish thing to see God’s Spirit at work and say it wasn’t God. So when charismatics tell me about their experience there are still times I am skeptical about the whole thing but never am I going to question God’s ability to do things or say he wouldn’t or couldn’t. You know who did that in scripture? The Pharisees. They thought they would know the Messiah if he were to come and he showed up right in front of them and did mighty miracles and they denied it and killed him for it. I don’t want to be in that camp. So there are times I am suspicious of spiritual gifts but you will never find me being the guy pointing a finger and saying, “No way would God do it like that!” Dangerous ground right there.

What is your take on the reality of these gifts being present today?

Spiritual Transformation: More Information is Not the Answer

The Jews had the Law for 1300 years before Christ came. There were all kinds of details in the Law about how to live, what to do in various situations, and how to maintain holiness and deal with sin. As we know today, the Law was not sufficient. What did God do in its place?Continue Reading

1 Corinthians 13…the Best Chapter on Spiritual Gifts in the Bible

Whenever I do a wedding there is this feeling that somehow you have to fit in 1 Corinthians 13 because the word “love” is mentioned so many times. Love have made this chapter one of the best known in the whole Bible. Really, I do my best to avoid that chapter at weddings. When youContinue Reading

How to Determine Spiritual Gifts

So how do you determine what your spiritual gifts are? I don’t think there is one thing that will tell you or confirm it. I believe you need multiple converging reference points that point you toward a particular gift or set of gifts. Here several of those reference points. I am sure there are more:Continue Reading

Five Flaws With Some Spiritual Gifts Inventories

The classic way to determine spiritual gifts is to take a spiritual gifts inventory. Now, a few posts back I hammered spiritual gifts inventories pretty hard. It is not that I don’t like them, would never use them, or think they are pointless. I think they have a place, which I will get to inContinue Reading

Spiritual Gifts: Dependence and Trust

What is one thing you can do that would require God’s involvement for it to be successful? There are two ways of looking at that question. One way is to say that really everything depends on God, without God allowing me to live, breathe, move, etc I can’t really do anything. The more helpful directionContinue Reading

Spiritual Gifts: General Spiritual Gifts vs. Individual Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual gifts are not about seeking new gifts from God. Spiritual gifts are about recognizing and using the gifts God has already given (2 Tim 1:6-7). The New Testament teaches us that God has given all Christians some very specific gifts. These include: The gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) Salvation (Rom 5:15 &Continue Reading


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