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Learning to Talk With God

Raising kids makes for some fun and challenging times. One of the things that we feel is essential to their growth and maturity is how to talk with adults. There are basic rules of civility that we want our kids to know and do when it comes to talking with adults, for example – look them in the eye when they are talking with you and when you respond. Our ultimate desire is not for our kids to embrace a set of rules for conversation but to have real conversations.

Learning to pray is a lot like this. We can teach basic rules, similar to our “look them in the eye” rule when it comes to prayer. We can make sure you know to end in, “in Jesus’ name”…doesn’t it bother you when someone doesn’t end with “in Jesus name”? 😉 But our ultimate goal in learning to pray is not about learning a set of rules for prayer but to have real conversations with God. We want our kids to want to talk with others in a way that connects. We should want to talk with God. When you want to talk with God, the words will come.

Yes, it is nice to teach some basics and have some ground rules for conversation but there is more to a relationship than following social conversational convention. Our growth and maturity in our prayer life will start with some ground rules but over time, as we grow in our faith, knowledge and relationship with God, should change into something richer, fuller and more meaningful. It won’t just be at meals, it will be when something important, or even unimportant happens, and the first thing that comes to mind is that you want to talk with your loved one (God) about it. You think of this because He is on your mind more than He used to be and because you know His deep love and concern for you.

So let’s learn to talk with God, not just as a set of propositions, rules and routines but as someone we can’t wait to have another conversation with!


The more you learn to resist what ought to be resisted the stronger you get. The converse is also true, the less you resist what ought to be resisted the weaker and more mentally and spiritually feeble you become. Resistance is key to personal, physical and spiritual growth. Lifting weights is called “resistance” training forContinue Reading

Dealing with Fear Requires Discipline

“Fear is the greatest obstacle to learning. But fear is your best friend. Fear is like fire. If you learn to control it, you let it work for you. If you don’t learn to control it, it’ll destroy you and everything around you. You think you know the difference between a hero and a coward, Mike?Continue Reading

Spiritual Muscle Confusion

When Missy and I lived in Memphis we used to do P90 in our apartment. If we ever wondered why the neighbors who lived below us seemed a little unpleasant, we had to look no further than P90. We did so much jumping and punching and kicking that I am sure it drove them crazy!Continue Reading

Making Spiritual Disciplines More Than Just Another “To Do”

Spiritual disciplines aren’t just one more thing to keep us busy. They don’t exist to occupy our mind. We don’t do them as penance. Spiritual disciplines are here for us as tools to focus on God, put him first and find our ultimate delight and fulfillment solely in God. Too often in the past, IContinue Reading

Study Guide on Spiritual Disciplines by John Dobbs Now Available

Check out the most recently uploaded study guide by John Dobbs called “A Deeper Walk.” It is 13 lessons in 60 pages and the material is excellent! This would be great for a class but I would also encourage those of you who aren’t teachers but are looking for a Bible study to do onContinue Reading

Bible Study – Just Pick a Book And Stick With It

Over the last couple of months in our 20s & 30s Bible class we spent several weeks talking about why study and how to study the Bible. Bottom line – pick a book of the Bible and start studying. We recommended the book of James as a good starting place and I started emailing aContinue Reading

Spiritual Snacks Will Never Fill You Up

I love snacks. I could snack all day. Chips, donuts, cokes, string cheese…I could probably make a list longer than all the types of shrimp Forrest and Bubba came up with. They are my weakness. What I have found over my years of snacking is that they never leave you full. Snacks are like throwingContinue Reading

What if…

What if we dropped Sunday morning Bible class for a week or even a month and asked people to pray for the full hour before coming to the worship service? I wonder if we might rely a little more on God and a little less on self. How do you think people would react?

What is the Purpose of Spiritual Disciplines?

I think there are times when the spiritual disciplines are used for all the wrong reasons. Maybe there are times we think we can leverage God to intervene in the ways we prefer if only we do the things he asks. What is intended as a relationship building activity ends up being a tool ofContinue Reading


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