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Cutting – What Parents, Teachers, and Ministers Need to Know

I am amazed at how few people are aware of this growing trend among young people. We normally think of cutting the arms and wrists and suicidal behavior but more and more teens and young adults are tuning to this habit as a form of emotional release and control. This video explains much of theContinue Reading

Probably the Most Manipulative Approach to Soul Winning Ever Presented

Have a look at the post by Tim Challies outlining an approach in an old book he recently received. Craziness. Here is the link. I don’t think it gets much more manipulative and strong arming than this.

James Dobson Steps Down

Anyone else hear the news of James Dobson stepping down as Chair of Focus on the Family? I have a tremendous respect for much of his work over the years. Here is the press release from Focus.

Credibility and Confidence

When I was a student at Harding University I took a class in social psychology. Myself, Sherri Scharff, and Rachel Crum did a research project on the effects of confidence on how credible a speaker was perceived to be by an audience. We wrote two speeches about the history of psychology. One speech had 100%Continue Reading

Tom Cruise Psychiatry Challenge

See if you are able to tell Tom Cruise, “I know the history of psychiatry. You don’t.” The following questions are based on Cruise’s interview with Matt Lauer found here. True or False 1. Psychology and psychiatry are the same thing. 2. Psychiatry falls under the category of “pseudoscience” or something that claims to beContinue Reading

Perceptions of Divorce on a College Campus

This video hits close to home for me because this morning I have been talking on the phone with a husband (who is a dear friend of mine from the past) and his wife who told him last Sunday she had an affair. This information is very relevant and no longer deserves the place ofContinue Reading

Will a Shortening Attention Span Affect Our Memory?

How many things are you bombarded with on a daily basis? I marvel when I spend time with our preaching minister who tells stories from his childhood from several decades ago. He remembers the names, situations, nicknames, locations, and just about any other detail you can remember. Besides the fact that he has an amazingContinue Reading

Power of Positive Parenting – Understanding Functional Behavior

The last post talked about the two sides of discipline. This next post is about how the things children and even adults do almost always make sense on some level. When you examine the majority of psychosis or dysfunctional behavior in children and adults you normally find something that used to “work for them” onContinue Reading

The Power of Positive Parenting – Definition of Discipline

I am going to be referring back to principles contained in this post in upcoming posts so it is important that if you are going to follow this series on parenting that you understand the concepts contained here. When we think of discipline we often think of punishment for doing the wrong thing. That isContinue Reading

The Psychology of Modesty

When I was in graduate school at the University of Florida I did a lot of work with children who had disruptive and extreme attention seeking behaviors. One thing we taught parents is that when children try to get their parents’ attention through negative attention seeking behaviors they are to be ignored. Once the childContinue Reading


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