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Changing My Approach to Prayer As a Disciple of Jesus

After 40 years on this earth prayer is finally starting to make sense. It made sense in one way all these years – yes I can talk with God. Yes God hears. I can thank God and ask God for things. I can pray praise to God, etc. I have understood those things as well as many others, like the relational aspect of prayer, but prayer is finally making sense.

Here is what I mean.

I haven’t connected prayer with reliance on God nearly enough. I haven’t connected this because I am too self-reliant. I lean into my own strength and not on God’s. I make decisions without consulting God. Maybe you do too. I know what to ask for. I have all the right words – but do I have the right heart?

What would our lives look like if we relied on God in all things? What would our prayers sound like if we approached life that way? Would anything change in how you pray? What if we decided we wouldn’t take one more step unless we are convinced God wants us to take that step?

It changes everything.

It is important that we rely on God in all things…that we lean into God and his power and understanding. There are too many things that I think I can handle that the reality is, I cannot. This has hindered my prayers for many years.

I am changing my prayer life and maybe you will along with me (if you haven’t figured this out already – you may be far ahead of me!). Prayer isn’t just about getting answers. Prayer is about relying fully on God, in all things. Every decision, even the ones that seem insignificant. Those matter too because it is about an attitude and view of God and self – that we are insufficient but God is fully able and willing to help.

I would love to hear about your prayer life and for you to share one lesson on prayer you have learned over the years that changed everything!

Prayer in the Early Church – What Were They Praying for and What Can We Learn from Them?

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Jesus Teaches His Disciples to Pray By His Example

Jesus is our teacher. We follow his curriculum. We do that by studying the gospels to learn to follow Jesus from Jesus himself. When we do that we see that prayer was an extremely important part of their (and our) walk. As with most things Jesus taught on prayer in two main ways: his exampleContinue Reading

Not All Repetition is Vain Repetition – Developing a More Vibrant Prayer Life

There were certain things I knew not to do growing up. There aren’t too many lists doing drugs and praying the Lord’s prayer both appear on but this was one of them. The Lord’s prayer wasn’t really to be prayed verbatim because that was “vain repetition” and Jesus said not to do that. One stepContinue Reading

Learning to Talk With God

Raising kids makes for some fun and challenging times. One of the things that we feel is essential to their growth and maturity is how to talk with adults. There are basic rules of civility that we want our kids to know and do when it comes to talking with adults, for example – lookContinue Reading

Praying 50 Times a Day

It seems any good prayer plan has you setting aside three or four times a day to pray. Somehow this just never works out. What I have realized is that this is like telling me that I have to set aside three or four times a day to talk with Missy. I hope I talkContinue Reading

Praying Scripture

I just posted something that will be of interest to some of you on praying scripture over at Wineskins — “Bono Gives us a Lesson on Praying the Psalms” Try out the exercise at the end of the post and see how it works for you.

The Prayer Jesus Told Us to Pray that Too Few of Us Pray

If you have a few minutes please read my post over at Wineskins today. It was a big lightbulb/aha in my thinking yesterday on prayer and evangelism. The Prayer Jesus Told Us to Pray that Too Few of Us Pray

Jesus Prayed

“One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray and spent the night praying to God. When morning came, he called his disciples to him and chose twelve of them, whom he also designated apostles…” – Luke 6:12-13 I am humbled by this verse. Jesus had a big decision to make andContinue Reading

Praying for the Lost is the Gateway to Evangelism

Not everyone is comfortable having a Bible study with a non-Christian. Everyone is able to pray for lost people. Start with what people can do and are willing to do and eventually they will be willing to try new things. If they are willing to write a note to a new person, ask them toContinue Reading


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