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What Happens in Vegas Goes Straight to the Blog

This past weekend Missy and I renewed our vows for our 10th Anniversary…in Las Vegas…with Elvis. Enjoy!

Some New Year’s Help From a Stranger

On my cross-country drive from Florida to California I stayed New Year’s Eve with some friends in Panama City. I had cooredinated with Daniel (my old Harding roommate) to park the rental truck in the church parking lot and leave it there for the night. While gathering my things, I left the dome light inContinue Reading

Finally Made the Transition to California

This past week involved a lot of loving people, lots of driving and not a whole lot of sleep. Between Monday and Friday I made the drive from Saint Petersburg, Florida to Bakersfield, California in a 27 foot Penske truck that was completely filled. Missy, the boys and her mother fly in on Tuesday. InContinue Reading

Our Ministry Transition to Bakersfield, California

After spending the last seven years ministering at the Northwest Church of Christ in sunny Saint Petersburg, Florida we are going to be making a change in our ministry. We will be moving to the even sunnier Bakersfield, California at the first of the year. The church here at Northwest has been a huge blessingContinue Reading

God, Superheros and Kids

Last week, Missy was in Walgreens with the boys. Jonah had on a superman cape and caught the attention of several of the shoppers. One guy walked up and said, “He has a superman cape on” as if Missy would have been unaware of this until pointed out by a total stranger. When you haveContinue Reading

The Joy of Kids

Yesterday Jonah told me he wanted to be a pirate. He brought his red cape to me and asked if I would tie it around his head. He then made a makeshift sword and started saying “Arrrrr…” Then Elijah got in on the act. He put on a Santa Claus hat and told me heContinue Reading

Kids, Play and the Power of Narrative

I have been reading Donald Miller’s book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, highly recommend it. This book is Miller’s reflection on working with producers on the movie version of Blue Like Jazz. Turns out, life isn’t like the movies…most of us wouldn’t make good movie characters. As Miller reflects on their take onContinue Reading

Elijah and His Accessories

Our two year old son Elijah is all about standing out in the crowd. He knows how to get a smile and he will do whatever it takes to get one. Going out in public with him is always an experience. A few months ago Jonah, Elijah and I were going to Best Buy. AsContinue Reading

Toy Story, Jonah and the Power of Narrative

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Jonah and I make our morning run to pre-school. On the way we often have some really profound conversations about life, God, and toys. He has this new habit of rolling down his window so he can stick his hand out to feel the wind. This morning, I told himContinue Reading

Elijah’s First Haircut

Elijah got his first haircut today and took it like a champ. It is amazing to watch our boys grow up. Honestly, I didn’t realize the value of the people around me until I had kids of my own. It hit me one day…every single person in the whole world was just like this littleContinue Reading


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