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Settling into Auburn

Over the last week we have made the move from Bakersfield to Auburn. It has been challenging and exciting and I can see God’s fingerprints all over the process. The people at both churches have been a tremendous blessing to us as have been both of our families. We are excited to see what God has in store for the future here in Auburn and have been amazed by all of the people here who are ready to work for the kingdom.

We cannot say enough good things about Westside in Bakersfield and all of the love they showed us in our time there. Whoever they hire will be truly blessed to be a part of that congregation. We are thankful for the friendships we made, the lives that were touched and the growth that we experienced both personally and professionally in our time there. We are better for our time in California.

At the same time we are looking forward to new challenges, new relationships, and a closer connection with our families in Alabama and Florida. We are truly blessed to be closer to our parents and for the boys to get to know both sets of grandparents better. We are truly blessed to have loving church families now in several different states. We are truly blessed to be getting settled into a new home and getting to know some godly people here in Auburn. We appreciate all of you who have been praying for us through this transition. God continues to prove himself faithful with even every challenge turning into blessing along the way.

Looking Toward 2016

Another trip around the sun and another chance to look at life from a new perspective. As the New Year rolls around it reminds us that we always have an opportunity to start afresh, to turn the page and write something on the next page that hasn’t been written before. Maybe the opportunity isn’t forContinue Reading

Resurrecting Evangelism…Here is One Missing Piece to Viable, Intentional Outreach in Our Churches

I just posted something over at Wineskins that I think you may find helpful. If you have a couple of minutes you might want to give it a read Resurrecting Evangelism…Here is One Missing Piece to Viable, Intentional Outreach in Our Churches

How I Told My Kids the Truth About Santa Claus

A few weeks ago our 4 year old son Elijah asked a question that was profoundly insightful and forced an important conversation. Here is what he asked “What did Santa Claus do to God? He knows everything about us…what did he do to God?” Kids need plenty of room to have their imagination. At theContinue Reading

Asserting Our Rights

We had a busy weekend…so busy that there was one event we had to drive separately to because Missy had to be at something else before that and we just couldn’t drive together. On the way home Missy was driving her car right in the right lane and I was in the left. I noticedContinue Reading

The Walk

Jonah started kindergarten last week and I can’t tell you how full my heart is each morning walking him to his class. Jonah’s school is right next to our church building and so each morning we park at the building and walk about a block to where his classroom is. I have made it myContinue Reading

Imitating Christ Doesn’t Mean We Do it Perfectly

One of the joys and horrors of having kids is to see them imitate you. There are times when kid’s imitation is the cutest thing ever and there are times their imitation teaches you a lot about yourself and things you need to change. I love seeing my boys play with their tools. They getContinue Reading

What Happens in Vegas Goes Straight to the Blog

This past weekend Missy and I renewed our vows for our 10th Anniversary…in Las Vegas…with Elvis. Enjoy!

Some New Year’s Help From a Stranger

On my cross-country drive from Florida to California I stayed New Year’s Eve with some friends in Panama City. I had cooredinated with Daniel (my old Harding roommate) to park the rental truck in the church parking lot and leave it there for the night. While gathering my things, I left the dome light inContinue Reading

Finally Made the Transition to California

This past week involved a lot of loving people, lots of driving and not a whole lot of sleep. Between Monday and Friday I made the drive from Saint Petersburg, Florida to Bakersfield, California in a 27 foot Penske truck that was completely filled. Missy, the boys and her mother fly in on Tuesday. InContinue Reading


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