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New Small Group Lesson Series – Paul’s Prison Letters

I just posted a series of 16 lessons on Paul’s prison letters. We are wrapping these lessons up in our LIFE groups and I wanted to share. You can find them here, in the small group lesson page or in the Bible class archive

Summaries of the New Testament Books

To follow up on this post summarizing the books of the Old Testament, here is the list for the New Testament. Here is this list in pdf. These are just quick helps to help people get a feel for these books and see how they connect with each other. Bible Study Helps – New TestamentContinue Reading

Writing Curriculum on Paul’s Prison Letters – Suggested Materials

I am currently writing a small group series for our congregation on Paul’s prison letters (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon). Here are the resources I am currently using. Anything I am missing that you have found useful? IVP – Dictionary of Paul and His Letters Paul: Apostle of a Heart Set Free by F.F. BruceContinue Reading

Study Guide – Philemon 1:17-25

1:17 – In other words, if you don’t take him back…don’t consider me a partner any more? Wow Paul…that is some strong language. It shows you just how strongly Paul feels about Philemon making the right decision on this matter. Have you ever stood up for someone or stepped into a situation to try toContinue Reading

Study Guide – Philemon 1:8-16

Paul starts off with a pretty strong appeal. Who is Paul appealing for and why? Why do you think Paul wants this to be Onesimus’ own decision and not something done because Paul is twisting his arm? Paul wants Onesimus to do this out of love and not out of obligation…and yet Paul is certainlyContinue Reading

Study Guide – Philemon 1:1-7

Philemon Study Guide (1:1-7) First we notice that Paul is in prison. Philemon is one of four letters Paul wrote from prison. The other three are Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. Colossians has some interesting overlap with Philemon. Both are introduced as coming from both Paul and Timothy. Both introduce Paul as a prisoner (Philemon 1:1,Continue Reading


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