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The Thing That Drives Me Most Crazy About Church

is when it feels like we aren’t going anywhere. There are two opposite extremes that many churches take and oddly enough they both lead to the same result. The first is when a church has NO direction. No one knows what is going on. No one knows where things are headed. There is no vision. No direction. No plan. No movement. You show up week in and week out but it never seems like the church is actually purposefully trying to go anywhere.People will only stand ready for direction so long before they give up thinking it will ever come.

Second is when a church has 100 directions. It has that because everyone has picked their own path. Everyone is a champion. Anyone with any idea of anything they want to do is released. There is no focus. No purpose. No vision (because there are too many visions). People are tired and worn out and don’t see how what they are doing is taking the church where it needs to go. Often churches end up here because leadership doesn’t know when to say no or doesn’t like saying no…it is easy to say yes when you don’t personally know and embrace a specific vision for the future. It is easy to say no when you do have a vision and purpose and direction for the future because it is clear what does and does not fit the vision. You are right back to a church that has NO direction because, truth is 100 directions is NO direction.

We need church leaders who have a simple, unified vision and who know how to carry that out and involve people in the mission and vision of the church. This will take saying no to the distractions and yes to the things that emphasize and support the mission. All of this may not come natural to us but it is essential for the future of the church that we transition from institution back to movement.

Missional Renewal and Congregational Change Part 1: The Gospel is Born At The Margins

While Wineskins is undergoing some maintenance, some of the recent articles are not currently accessible. I am posting this article by Fred Liggin here so people can access it until the Wineskins re-design is complete. Thanks to Fred for contributing this! In my Gospel and Cultures class while at Rochester College, Mark Love often remindedContinue Reading

David Clayton Shares Three Core Values of Ethos Church

David Clayton’s article over at Wineskins this morning reminds us that mission is more than just something we teach and preach. Mission is an organizing principle and culture that must infiltrate our thinking, our ministry, our speech and our actions. The main question here is not how do we talk about mission…it is easy toContinue Reading

How Well are We Receiving Those God Sends?

We have been in our new ministry at Westside for just under 2 months now. When you are brand new to a place you see things that “insiders” have a hard time seeing because they have passed by it so many times that they no longer see things how a fresh set of eyes seeContinue Reading

Here is What is Creating a Disconnect in our Churches and Why So Many Leave (Leadership & Ministry Lessons Part 6)

I have been writing a series of posts on leadership in ministry based on the book Combat Leadership by Captain Adolf Von Schell. This sixth post is probably the most important one yet. So important, that I changed the title in hopes of getting more response out of this one. Please read the whole post, especially ifContinue Reading

Problems with Missional

There have been some posts addressing the problems with the missional movement. Here are a few you may want to read: Scot McKnight’s post Test Your Church. Scot’s post is not so much a slam on missional as a whole, he endorses much of what is good about missional church. In the process he doesContinue Reading

Multiplying Missional Leaders by Mike Breen

My favorite book on ministry just got knocked down to my second favorite book on ministry. Until this last week Andy Stanley’s Seven Practices of  Effective Ministry was my favorite. Mike Breen’s Multiplying Missional Leaders has taken the top spot. There are a lot of people who talk about things like discipleship, a few whoContinue Reading

This is Discipling – Video by Foursquare

This is Discipling from The Foursquare Church on Vimeo. HT: Eric Brown I wonder if we don’t make things too complicated.

Launching Missional Communities – Thinking UP, IN, OUT

In their book Launching Missional Communities, Breen and Absalom point out that Jesus had three great loves and thus three distinct dimensions to his life. UP: deep and connected relationship to his Father and attentiveness to the leading of the Holy Spirit IN: constant investment in the relationships with those around him (his disciples) OUT:Continue Reading

Launching Missional Communities: A Field Guide

I received a free copy of Launching Missional Communities by Mike Breen and Alex Absalom. This is probably the most practical book I have seen since Willow Creek’s Leading Life Changing Small Groups which was their Small Group Leaders Manual. This book is all nuts and bolts of creating, maintaining and growing missional communities, evenContinue Reading


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