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This is a term that has meant a great deal to me in 2015. It is a term that helps us define where we end and where everyone and everything else begins. When we let people or circumstances define our emotions we have problems with self-differentiation. It is important to not let others steal yourContinue Reading

The Ministry of De-escalation

There has been a lot of news lately about law enforcement and their use of force. I am not so sure this is happening more than it used to but with the advent of cell phones the video of these instances heightens our awareness of it. In law enforcement there is a time when anContinue Reading

“Hear O Israel” – The Importance of Passing on Faith, Faulty Ministry Models and a Bright Future

The generation that was taught the Shema by Moses in Deutereonomy 6 was the same generation whose parents died in the wilderness. They were the same generation whose great grand kids would fall from faith after the death of Joshua in Judges 2 where the Bible says Joshua died and a whole generation grew upContinue Reading


Communication is dynamic, challenging…even demanding. It takes your full attention to do well and we live in a world where giving anything our full attention is becoming more and more challenging. Communication is challenging because there are more factors involved in it going well than we can accurately predict or address and still communicate asContinue Reading


Focus is hard to maintain these days. There are a million different things all trying to get your attention and few of them are worth it. Of all the things in life that can be lost one of the most important to keep is your focus. Focus takes priorities. Saying no to something means youContinue Reading


That word has been on my mind for quite a while now. It is hard to operate in a fog. The more things get clearer the easier it is to handle a given situation. There are some things that you just cannot work hard enough to make clear. Other things may be foggy because ofContinue Reading

The Jesus Job Description

When churches post job descriptions…it feels like they want Jesus to come and be there minister without the person actually taking Jesus “all the way.” Here are a few things that would be on a job description that actually describes Jesus: Must be single No kids No more than three years experience.  Hangs out withContinue Reading


Ministry is about being in the lives of real people across the spectrum of human experience. That means the highs and the lows but also a lot of the flat space in between.   Ministry includes those special times when someone invites you to participate into the special moments of their lives. This includes weddingsContinue Reading

Mamas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be…Preachers?

A few weeks ago I asked my Wednesday night class this question, “How many of you would want your children or grandchildren to be preachers?” There were a few who could make a case for it but many could not. We want our kids to grow up to be all sorts of things, but “preacher”?Continue Reading

Everything Communicates

Communication is unavoidable…in fact, if you try to avoid communicating that in and of itself communicates something to those who notice your behavior. If people can tell you care – that communicates. If people can tell that you don’t care – that communicates. If a ministry is running smoothly – that communicates. If a ministryContinue Reading


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