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Seeing What You Can’t Yet See to Do What You Can’t Yet Do

I love disc golf. I used to play it every week. Life has gotten busy and now I am down to a few times a year but the sport is one of my favorite things to do.

Years back when I was younger and more nimble, I could throw the disc a pretty good distance but I was by no means a professional level player. There is a hole at Cliff Stephens park in Clearwater, Florida that was 425 feet of water carry with the basket at 450. If you didn’t have that kind of distance you had to throw over to the right and then keep throwing down the shore until you got to the basket.

I had no idea that someone could throw 450 feet. I had no conception that someone could throw the disc straight across the water…until I ran into a couple of guys who were playing through and we proceeded to play hole 16 together.

The threw straight at the basket! They crushed it…their discs sailed all the way across to the other side. I didn’t have the guts to try to do that in front of them but something clicked in that moment. What I didn’t know was possible was possible. The next week, by myself, I tried to throw it across and while I didn’t get all the way to the pin, I did clear all that water!

It wasn’t until I saw someone do it that I knew it could be done.

Ministry can be that way. We can get so caught up in doing things by our own power and insight that we have little conception just how much God can do if we submit to him. We might settle for 2 or 3 baptisms a year when God might help us to 10X that or more.

It is important that we spend time with people who are more spiritually mature than we are. Those who are able to throw it across the water. Then we can see what God can do…what is truly possible and try things we would have never tried otherwise. And, by the way, you cannot spell disciple without the word disc 🙂

How Healthy Are Ministers? I Ran the Numbers.

As a minister it is important to me to understand the potential ramifications of how ministry affects my health and the health of my family. I ran the numbers on this in 2017 and want to share a few significant findings with you here. I assessed health in multiple areas and then ran correlations andContinue Reading

Hope Network and the Power of the Interim Season

You may or may not know that my blog is a part of Wineskins and our network of Christian authors. Each month we run ads in order to help us keep things up and running and improve the quality of our content and production. This month we are running an ad from Hope Network. WeContinue Reading

Anxiety is Far Too Common in Ministry. Here is Why and What Can be Done About it

Over half of ministers report suffering from significant anxiety as a result of their ministry. Churches are anxious places. They are anxious places because we are supposed to get everything right and to do something not how it is always done or said creates uncomfortable questions and anxiety that is then, often, transferred to leadershipContinue Reading

We are Approaching a Critical Moment in Churches of Christ

There is a confluence of factors steamrolling toward us that I think we are largely asleep to in Churches of Christ. What happens next is anyone’s guess but I think we can plan and adjust in a way that makes sense. What are those factors and what kind of change is it leading toward? UpcomingContinue Reading

What Keeps You Going?

My answer to this question has been developing and changing my whole life. When I was a kid, the excitement of learning kept me going. I was and still am to a large degree inquisitive. There was always more to learn and that drove me to seek out answers to all kinds of questions. InContinue Reading

The ISTJ Minister – Assessing How Our Personality Affects Our Ministry

I love the Myers-Briggs type inventory. It seems like the Enneagram is all the rage these days but I still haven’t moved on from the good ole trusty MBTI. This is partly because of the insights it brings out and it is also due to the fact that it was developed at one of myContinue Reading

“Those Were the Days” – What Does the Future Hold for Churches of Christ?

Nostalgia is the first step in church life toward congregational death. “Nostalgia is an exile mentality. Fulfillment is contingent on the ‘once upon a time’ remembrances of yesterday. ‘I remember when’ stories become commonplace in organizations during nostalgic days. The golden days are remembered fondly. From an organizational perspective, nostalgia signals the beginning of aContinue Reading

Do What You Can…Some is Better Than None

So many things go undone because we don’t do what we can. When we think we can’t or just don’t want to take the whole thing on by ourselves we freeze up and don’t do the little bit we actually can do. A bunch of little “tries” add up to a much greater sum thanContinue Reading

Crossing i’s and dotting t’s

Meticulous but misdirected. This happens far too often in leadership. We get myopically focused on the wrong things and what appears to be a concern for doing it right misses the point entirely. If you are determined to dot all your i’s and cross all your t’s you better make sure you aren’t getting itContinue Reading


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