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Anxiety and Leadership

It is too easy to be an anxious leader because leaders often have to venture into the unknown and the unknown can be very anxiety producing. When leaders operate out of anxiety and that anxiety level is higher than those they lead, those they lead will always raise their anxiety level to match or exceed their leaders. It only makes sense. If the leader knows more about this than I do and they are more anxious about it than I am, then there must be something I should be anxious about! When that happens you can create a crisis that wasn’t there to begin with.

There will always be things we don’t know and our gut level tendency is to react and react quickly. This only makes anxiety worse and produces a great anxiety in those we lead. We cannot allow anxiety cause us to be reactionary. Instead we need to proactive and engage the situation to whatever degree we can. We need to be thoughtful in considering how others are experiencing the same thing. We must communicate clearly what we know, normalize what we can and have a calmness that allows those around us to feel at ease about things to whatever degree they are able.

Leaders will face anxiety. That is a given. It is how you deal with it that will raise or lower the anxiety level of those you lead.


We have a lot of absentee landlords in today’s world. I am talking about people who don’t want to own what they own, help fix what is broken and maintain what is theirs. As Christians, and as Christian leaders in particular, it is vitally important that we own what has been handed to this. IContinue Reading

Moses: A Man of Three Worlds & What that Teaches us about How God Equips Leaders

Moses is one of the most intriguing people in the Bible. Your footnote in Exodus 2:10 most likely associates his name with “drawing out” just as Moses was drawn out of the Nile river. That isn’t the whole story of his name. His name isn’t Hebrew. It is Egyptian and it means “to beget” andContinue Reading

Leadership, Clarity and When To Plan the Fifth Step…

We often can’t see what will happen at step 5 until we are on step 3. But we often hesitate to take step 1 until we think we know what step 5 is. So go ahead and plan…be responsible and give it your best shot but also realize that step 5 cannot be seen clearlyContinue Reading

Favorite Books List: Leadership

Not all of these books are specifically Christian. Most are, but some are not. The thing they have in common is that these books, in conjunction with scripture (of course) have helped shape my view of Christian leadership and Christian service. The two cannot be separated. They Smell Like Sheep By Lynn Anderson – ThisContinue Reading

What Is Your Church Passionate About?

I just posted an article over at Wineskins about the things that stir people up and what that reveals about our priorities. Have a read and feel free to comment! What is Your Church Passionate About?

The Thing That Drives Me Most Crazy About Church

is when it feels like we aren’t going anywhere. There are two opposite extremes that many churches take and oddly enough they both lead to the same result. The first is when a church has NO direction. No one knows what is going on. No one knows where things are headed. There is no vision.Continue Reading

New Article at Wineskins – 10 Suggestions for Leaders Envisioning Change

I posted an article over at Wineskins this morning that some of you may find helpful. You can read it here – 10 Suggestions for Leaders Envisioning Change

The Challenge of Connecting One Message With Multiple Maturity Levels

One of the biggest challenges in preaching and teaching is to deliver one message that reaches into the lives of people of all maturity levels – from seekers and what will speak to their heart to mature Christians and what will speak to theirs. I know I have connected when people of different generations haveContinue Reading

A Few Books To Consider

The Father Glorified by Patrick Robertson & David Watson – This book blew my mind. It is the story of the movement of God in Islamic regions of Africa. The book reminds me a lot of the Peter and Cornelius story in Acts where the two men are brought together in a dream in orderContinue Reading


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