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Sermon on the Mount: Fulfilling the Law and the Prophets

In Jesus’ day the phrase Law and Prophets was shorthand for their Bible which we call the Old Testament. The Law included Genesis-Deuteronomy. The prophets included the historical books (Joshua-Esther) and the prophets as we know them (Isaiah-Malachi). What is not included specifically in that phrase are the wisdom and poetry books. There are aContinue Reading

Sermon on the Mount – Salt and Light

Jesus starts the sermon on the mount with some lessons on being instead of lessons on doing. Blessed are the…You are the salt of the earth…You are the light of the world.   The apostle Paul picked up this same approach in several of his letters, reminding people of who they are before telling themContinue Reading

The Sermon on the Mount – The Beatitudes Part 2

Last Sunday I spent some time unpacking the meaning and application of Jesus’ beatitudes in the sermon on the mount. When you have a moment give it a listen. I believe you will be blessed and encouraged as you listen to just how much God loves you.

The Sermon on the Mount – Beatitudes

The greatest sermon ever preached actually did end with an invitation. The parable of the wise and foolish builders closes the sermon and invites the hearers to participate in the kind of life Jesus described in the sermon. That is how the sermon ends. How does the sermon begin? It doesn’t start with a listContinue Reading

Jesus Came Proclaiming the Gospel of the Kingdom – What is the Gospel?

We have been following through the ministry of Jesus and are just now only in the very beginning stages. I have written an article on the beginning of Jesus’ ministry over at Wineskins that will serve as the next post in this series. You can read it here. Jesus Came Proclaiming the Gospel of theContinue Reading

Striking Parallels Between Jesus’ & His Disciples’ Ministry in Matthew

I am working through the Gospels in the Sunday morning sermons right now because I believe Jesus is to be our single, solitary focus and that everything else must find its place around him. We have been through his birth, his baptism and his temptation. At this point in the Gospels, Jesus launches into hisContinue Reading

Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Baptizing the spotless lamb of God and savior of the world seems like an odd sort of way to begin Jesus’ ministry. He didn’t need to be made righteous. He didn’t have any sins to repent of, which was part of John’s baptism. Jesus didn’t need to be baptized in the since that you andContinue Reading

Logos Review: The Indelible Image By Ben Witherington

Take a New Testament theology and blend it with a commentary on the whole New Testament and then pull out the resulting ethical message of every New Testament writer in nearly every new Testament book and you get a 1700 page, 2 volume book of excellence that is “The Indelible Image” by Ben Witherington. ThisContinue Reading

Losing & Finding Our Way: Jesus AND Paul not Jesus OR Paul

In my previous post I mentioned how in the Restoration Movement (or at least in Churches of Christ) we have often leaned more heavily on Paul than we have on Jesus. Simply put, Jesus is here to take care of our sins so we can get to heaven and Paul is here to make sureContinue Reading

The Birth of Jesus Starts on the Margins

Check out my post over at Wineskins today, The Birth of Jesus Starts on the Margins. Jesus entered this world in the humblest of circumstances but it is far more than just being born to a poor family in a manger. The story of the margins in the life and ministry of Jesus has farContinue Reading


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