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7 Things that Tempt us to Check the Fruit of the Spirit at the Door

There are times it seems Christians check the fruit of the Spirit at the door and proceed without caution:

  1. When you are doctrinally correct: Being right on a matter doesn’t give you the right to be hostile, angry, unloving, unkind, etc.
  2. When you are by yourself: Being alone doesn’t give us license to sin. The fruit of the Spirit is not produced based on who we are around. It is produced from us because the Holy Spirit is in us.
  3. When you are depressed or angry: Our feelings often make it difficult to exhibit the fruit of the Spirit. Now, the fruit of the Spirit doesn’t make you happy all the time, lets be honest, but we can still be people of love, joy, patience, etc regardless of our circumstances
  4. When you are hungry: Snickers is on to something here…when we are hungry we are more likely to be irritable. Don’t check the fruit of the Spirit at the door due to a hungry stomach!
  5. When you are lonely: There is a difference between being alone and being lonely. It is easier to check the fruit of the Spirit at the door in both instances…but when it comes to loneliness, our lack of connection and feelings of isolation can influence us to reach out to things that are opposed to the desires of the Spirit and his fruit.
  6. When you are hurt: When someone hurts us, it is easy to justify behaviors that are not in line with the fruit of the Spirit. The fruit of the Spirit is not conditioned on the actions of others but on the Spirit’s work in our lives.
  7. When you are tired: This is not just being physically tired. This is amplified by emotional or spiritual tiredness. In times like these we let our guards down and can get into things we might not think about otherwise. It is dangerous ground.

When are some other times we are prone to resist the work of the Spirit?

The Holy Spirit’s Role in Jesus’ Miracles

Throughout scripture the Holy Spirit has enabled people to do amazing things. The Spirit empowered several of the judges to do the mighty things God called them to do (Samson and Gideon to name a few). The Holy Spirit came on Saul and enabled him to prophesy (1 Sam 10:6-10). The Holy Spirit enabled theContinue Reading

The Fruit of the Spirit is Essential

The fruit of the Spirit is essential, not because it is a checklist unto salvation but because it is the inevitable byproduct of the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. We have a funny relationship with the word “essential” often relating it to what one must do to be saved. While there are essential components toContinue Reading

The Holy Spirit’s Role in the Coming of Jesus

We often associate the Holy Spirit with the beginning of the church in Luke’s second volume, the book of Acts. What is interesting is that the Holy Spirit also played a key role in kicking off Luke’s first volume, the Gospel of Luke: Luke 1:15 – John the Baptist will be filled with the HolyContinue Reading

Spirituality is More Than Just Non-Physical Reality

Gordon Fee is one of the most gifted writers on how to read scripture in the last 30 years. He is probably best known for some of his New Testament commentaries and his book “How to Read the Bible for All It’s Worth“. I have been reading his book Listening to the Spirit in theContinue Reading

Getting to Know the Holy Spirit

Can you imagine trying to describe your neighbor to someone if you had never seen your neighbor before? Not only that you pretty much figured that while they lived there you never would actually see them in the flesh. What is more you had never actually had a conversation with them either. You know theyContinue Reading

Transcendence and Immanence – Holding the Two in Tension

There are some things we learn best about God when we hold two seemingly opposing characteristics of God in our minds at the same time. One of these pairs is God’s transcendence and His immanence. God’s transcendence means God is very much unlike us. He is so much greater and so high above us thatContinue Reading

Books and Resources on the Holy Spirit

I am going to be writing some small group curriculum on the Holy Spirit. What resources have you found helpful in your studies? I am looking at the following: The Bible! Forgotten God: Reversing our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spirit by Francis Chan Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit by Charles StanleyContinue Reading

Free Book Download – Forgotten God by Francis Chan

I was about to offer Forgotten God: Reversing Our Tragic Neglect of the Holy Spiritby Francis Chan as another free book giveaway book. So thanks to Dan Edelen for pointing out that it can be downloaded right now for free from Make sure to read the instructions to get the promo code for theContinue Reading

Romans 8 Greek Wordle

I left out the articles, conjunctions, etc to help the main themes of Romans 8 stand out better. Here are some of the Greek wordles posted on the blog in the past: John 3 John 1:1-18


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