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Do You Tell Your Kids The Gifts Come From Santa Claus?

Missy and I have been talking about what to tell our boys about Santa Claus. So far the consensus has been that we would rather them know that their parents are the ones giving them the gifts rather than a mysterious stranger named Santa. What is more, we would like more of a focus onContinue Reading

Stuff I Love

I love my wife and kids. I love coming home to them and yell out Extreme Makeover Home Edition Style, “Hello friends and family” and then get all kinds of hugs and kisses. I love when our Sunday worship goes up a few levels of volume and there is no doubt God is being praisedContinue Reading

Ephesians 5 – Husbands, Wives, and Mutual Submission?

I am in the process of writing small group curriculum for Paul’s prison letters. The text in focus right now is Ephesians 5:21-6:24 and part of that is Paul’s “household code.” Paul mentions three sets of relationships in chapters 5 & 6 that each have two parts: husbands & wives, children & parents, slaves &Continue Reading

Updated Marriage, Family and Parenting Resources Page

Just a note that the marriage and family resources tab has been updated with many more great links. I hope to annotate many more of the links in the near future. Here is the link.

Pepperdine’s List of Family Ministry Resources

Pepperdine has a great online list of resources to help churches and ministries that want to reach out to families. This is a very good list. Here is the link. HT: Tim Spivey

Ten Things I Am Thankful For

1. A wife who loves me and is spending 24/7 making a baby for the last 7 months. 2. Our baby boy who we have only seen pictures of but won’t meet for 2 more months when he is born! 3. A church that is genuine, friendly, and seeking God. 4. Friends who would giveContinue Reading

Marriage and Family Experts Speak

Thanks to Don Flor for getting me this information and links to a series of online videos by leading marriage and family experts. The videos include some really well known marriage and family therapists and ministers like: Gary Chapman (author of The 5 Love Languages), Henry Cloud (Author of Boundaries), Willard Harley (His Needs, HerContinue Reading

We Are Pregnant Again!

Just wanted to let all of you know that we are pregnant again! We wanted to wait a while before we said that this time but Missy is starting her 14th week of pregnancy. Many of you probably remember we had a miscarriage last time so please keep us in your prayers!

Additional Marriage and Family Resources

I just added two more links to the Marriage and Family Resources page at the top of K.L. Both are excellent. Here they are: Smart Marriages – An excellent resource with frequent email updates of marriage in the news and media. One of the best resources out there. Marriage Resources for Counselors – A brandContinue Reading

Power of Positive Parenting – Getting Past Your Past

We all have models of how we do things. Over the course of our lives we learn how to be a husband or wife, father or mother, friend, etc from what we have been modeled. Nuclear families are not always the norm any more so I am going to write this very generally. For theContinue Reading


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