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No Shortcuts

When I was in grad school at Florida I overheard some of the faculty talking about running. They were going to run a 4 mile race in a couple of months and were going to start training together for it. I told them I was interested to join them so we started running together. IContinue Reading

Conversation on President Obama, Gay Marriage and Christianity (Part 2)

Matt: Great thoughts. I had thought about Rex’s posts as well when you mentioned the culture war. Part of our problem is that so many of us have nothing better to do for the kingdom than rail against stuff like this. If we were as actively engaged in kingdom work as Paul was we mightContinue Reading

Guest Post: When Faith Has a Bad Reputation by Tyler Ellis

GUEST BLOGGER: TYLER ELLIS serves on staff with Newark Church of Christ as Campus Minister at the University of Delaware. He is also author of the upcoming book, Questions Everything. He blogs at about exploring the challenges of knowing God and helping others do the same. These posts include weekly art & interviews, storiesContinue Reading

A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars by Jonathan Merritt

Let’s start with the unique value of this book, A Faith of Our Own. The big question of this book is how should Christians’ faith influence our political views and how we engage in political discourse? More importantly, how do we as Christianity instigate meaningful change in this world in a way that is inContinue Reading

What Are We Willing to Go Through For God To Do What He Wants To Do?

Scripture is the story of the relentless pursuit of God to bring people back into relationship with himself. The Bible is very clear that God will go to great lengths to make this happen so that we can be made right with God. God is willing to sacrifice his own son, part seas, defeat mightyContinue Reading

Finding Faith In Unsuspected Places

I have met some really interesting people this past year. Some have names you have heard of and others do not. Some have done things that are well known and other do things only God knows. But in all cases I have been so challenged and encouraged. Sometimes you meet people under the strangest andContinue Reading

Promise and Problems: The Story of Abraham

I am in the early stages of teaching through Genesis and one of the things that is really hitting home is the pairing of tension in Abraham’s life balanced with God’s promises. We read in 11:30 that Sarah is barren but we read in 12:2-3 that Abraham will be the father of many nations. HeContinue Reading

John Piper on What One Must Believe to Be Saved

Have a look at this video of John Piper telling what he believes one must believe to be saved. To read a transcript click here. He includes the following: Believe and confess his Lordship and his resurrection Recognition that we sin That God exists and that he created a world where sin is a possibilityContinue Reading

Five Things God Uses – Andy Stanley

Our men’s class is going through Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith by Andy Stanley. It is some really good material. He believes that just about everything God uses fits into at least one of 5 categories. Let’s see if you can think of something that wouldn’t fit into any of these: PracticalContinue Reading

What is the Most Culturally Relevant Book of the Bible?

While all of scripture is inspired by God and relevant today, there are verses and books of the Bible that are so parallel with our modern culture that they stand out in their relevance to us today. What would you say is the most culturally relevant book of the Bible? Acts is increasing in popularityContinue Reading


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