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Was This Written in 1962 or 2012?

“The thoughtful Christian will admit that in these days the church is not leading the number of people to Christ that it should…Is there a cause for this failure? Can we find a [solution]? Surely there must be both…The failure is due to a lack of effort after any method. The solution must be foundContinue Reading

This is Discipling – Video by Foursquare

This is Discipling from The Foursquare Church on Vimeo. HT: Eric Brown I wonder if we don’t make things too complicated.

Casting a Vision for Evangelism: What We Are Doing

When I ministered at the Millington Church of Christ they had a ministry called the We Care Ministry. Each Sunday night we would meet before worship and go through attendance cards of who visited that morning. People would take notes and be assigned people to reach out to based on what needs were present. IContinue Reading

Bible Class – Connecting with Community Resources

As our 20s & 30s Bible class continues to try new things and reach out to more people we decided we needed someone to come in and talk with our class about homelessness in our county. There are over 6000 homeless people in our county and growing. So there is definitely a need and aContinue Reading

The Importance of Equipping – Ephesians 4:11-16

Ephesians 4 has so many valuable points to make about the focus of ministry within the church. Here are the verses, “11It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, and some to be pastors and teachers, 12to prepare God’s people for works of service, so thatContinue Reading

100% Natural Evangelism Study Guide Download

I finally put up the 100% Natural Evangelism Study Guide in the Bible Class Archive. This is a companion piece to Terry Rush’s DVD by the same name. The DVD is some really excellent material that I would highly recommend you purchasing if you haven’t already.This study guide has a Leader Guide and Participant GuideContinue Reading

Gospel of John 13 – Does Jesus Really Want me to Wash Feet?

John doesn’t give us the Last Supper/institution of the Lord’s Supper but he does give us the “rest of the story.” It was not uncommon in their day to enter a home for a meal and expect to have your feet washed by someone in the lowest position, usually a slave. The point was, doingContinue Reading

Men’s Ministry

Many congregations have a thriving women’s ministry but often the men go unattended. I would like to share a few thoughts about this area but I first wanted to ask you what is your experience in church with reaching out to men. A few questions: What have you seen work? What have you seen fail?Continue Reading

Effective Evangelism – The Difference Between Conversion and Subversion

One of the things that gets people in trouble when it comes to evangelism is trying to subert people rather than convert them. The word subvert comes from a combination of the words sub – from beneath and the Latin vertere – to turn. The word convert is similar but rather than turning from beneathContinue Reading

Quick Bible Study on James

I challenged our 20s & 30s to pick a book of the Bible and study it. We can talk about how to all day long but it does no good if Bibles don’t come off shelves. I encouraged them to start with James due to its brevity and practicality and several of them have takenContinue Reading


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