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What it Takes to get on the path toward meaningful outreach

I just posted this over at Wineskins and invite you to give it a read. I think we have some real issues to overcome here and am confident we will get over this, Resurrecting Evangelism…Calling a Kingdom of Priests.

Let me know what you think and pass it along if you think it is helpful!

Red Letters Over Black Letters…But They are all Inspired

Our movement loves information…we teach until we are blue in the face. Information is king…if you know the right things and believe all the right things then all is well. What you do with that information is inconsequential…just make sure you have the right belief system and we’ll leave you alone. We love the redContinue Reading

Spiritual Growth Workshop 2014

Every other year there is an outstanding workshop held in Orlando called the Spiritual Growth Workshop. The leadership of this event made a fantastic decision this year that I hope sets the tone for many years to come…first is the theme…”Equip”. In order to really emphasize the theme and execute on it well they haveContinue Reading

SWOT Analysis: A Helpful Tool for Understanding Organizations

In preparation for teaching at the Pepperdine Lectures in May Charles Kiser introduced Eric Brown and I to SWOT Analysis. I have been a fan ever since. Here is a diagram that will help you wrap your mind around it. This framework helps you identify what internal and external resources and liabilities and organization. ThisContinue Reading

Q & A on “Church Steps” Outreach

I asked my friend Philip Cunningham for some feedback and what questions he had so far about our “Church Steps” Outreach we have started at Northwest. Here are Philip’s questions and my answers: Philip: What is the age range of your outreach group?  Also- the median age? Our ministry is representative of the congregation. TheContinue Reading

Church Steps Outreach Material Updated

I just updated the “Church Steps” outreach material page on the blog Church Steps Outreach One of the biggest questions people have when faced with blazing a trail into a new (or old but forgotten) arena is what can this look like? If you can help people see what something can look like you removeContinue Reading

Two Free Resources From Mike Breen & 3DM

Free additional chapters to Building a Discipling Culture Fivefold Gifts Survey

Spiritual Transformation: More Information is Not the Answer

The Jews had the Law for 1300 years before Christ came. There were all kinds of details in the Law about how to live, what to do in various situations, and how to maintain holiness and deal with sin. As we know today, the Law was not sufficient. What did God do in its place?Continue Reading

Was This Written in 1962 or 2012?

“The thoughtful Christian will admit that in these days the church is not leading the number of people to Christ that it should…Is there a cause for this failure? Can we find a [solution]? Surely there must be both…The failure is due to a lack of effort after any method. The solution must be foundContinue Reading

This is Discipling – Video by Foursquare

This is Discipling from The Foursquare Church on Vimeo. HT: Eric Brown I wonder if we don’t make things too complicated.


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