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What Was the Colossian Heresy and What Can We Learn from it?

In comments on the last post Philip mentioned Milton Jones’ interpretation of the Colossian heresy as something comparable to post-modernism. I have a great level of respect for Milton Jones. I haven’t read his book (that Philip linked to in his comment) but I did think this would be an interesting point to respond toContinue Reading

Free e-book on Emerging Church by Mark Driscoll

Preaching and the Emerging Church by Mark Driscoll [HT: Dan Kimball]Continue Reading

The Shortcut of Changing the Labels – Christian vs. Christ-follower

In John 10 Jesus has some tough words for the Pharisees in response to their poor reception of the man he healed from blindness in John 9. I wrote up quite a lengthy post detailing what was going on in John 10, Jesus as the good shepherd and the gate and all the rest…context, historicalContinue Reading

A Couple Notes of Interest

Jay Guin has a fabulous post on CENI with some great followup comments by Edward Fudge and John Mark Hicks. If you know what CENI is then you probably want to read it. If you don’t have a clue what CENI means then move on to the next link. Imonk, Michael Spenser, has highlighted ChurchContinue Reading

Addressing Changing Ways Young Adults Envision a Biblical Model of Church

I think this quote from Dan Kimball’s Emerging Worship says it well, More and more emerging generations who were raised in the church are saying that there must be something more to “church” than what they have experienced. The systems we use to teach them how to be disciples of Jesus are not connected withContinue Reading

Emerging Church and the Church of Christ – Links

I have had several people ask me for more information on people who are writing about Emerging Church from a Church of Christ perspective. Here are some links that might be helpful. Books: Fred Peatross’s book Tradition, Opinion, and Truth: The Emerging Church of Christ Wade Hodges: 7 Part Series on Emerging Church (see alsoContinue Reading

Fascinating Emerging Church Discussion on Facebook

If you are on facebook, have a look at the discussion we are having regarding the Gospel Advocate’s recent issue on the Emerging Church. Feel free to comment there if that interests you. Here is the link.Continue Reading

Is Associating Yourself with the Emerging Church Alright?

More on the background of this poll in a forthcoming post. For now we will leave it as the simple question… If you wish to comment on why you voted the way you did, feel free!Continue Reading

Willimon’s Thoughts on Reaching Emerging Generations

I found this helpful as he cites a study done by Wuthnow and some statistics on demographics of congregations successfully reaching young adults. Here is the link. If I can get my hands on the study I will post more specifics on it here.Continue Reading

A Bunch More Emerging Church Links

Rob Bradshaw posted a bunch of emerging church links. Have a look.Continue Reading