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A Discipleship Exercise

I want you to picture in your mind this scene from the Gospel of Matthew, “18 As Jesus was walking beside the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, Simon called Peter and his brother Andrew. They were casting a net into the lake, for they were fishermen. 19 “Come, follow me,” Jesus said, “and I willContinue Reading

From Disciple to Apostle – Their Shift is Our Shift

Jesus didn’t just teach his disciples. He also sent them out to teach what he taught (the kingdom) and do what he did (heal people). We see this in the sending of the 12 and the 72 in the gospels. In Matthew 10:1-2 we get a very interesting shift in language, ” Jesus called hisContinue Reading

Striking Parallels Between Jesus’ & His Disciples’ Ministry in Matthew

I am working through the Gospels in the Sunday morning sermons right now because I believe Jesus is to be our single, solitary focus and that everything else must find its place around him. We have been through his birth, his baptism and his temptation. At this point in the Gospels, Jesus launches into hisContinue Reading

“Hear O Israel” – The Importance of Passing on Faith, Faulty Ministry Models and a Bright Future

The generation that was taught the Shema by Moses in Deutereonomy 6 was the same generation whose parents died in the wilderness. They were the same generation whose great grand kids would fall from faith after the death of Joshua in Judges 2 where the Bible says Joshua died and a whole generation grew upContinue Reading

You Cannot Be a True Disciple and Be Unloving

Some who claim so stridently to be true disciples based on their obedience to every jot and tittle and even tittes that aren’t there have missed this…I don’t even have any other commentary on this point, just these words from Jesus, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you,Continue Reading

Pura Vida

We learned in Costa Rica that the way they say something is cool is “pura vida”…the pure life. It is on license plates, bumper stickers, shirts…you name it. You hear it as a greeting and as a reaction to something great. Here is what wikipedia has to say about it, “Pura vida is a characteristicContinue Reading

The “Cost” of Integrity

There is a mountain in China called Mt. Hua Shan that hosts one of the most dangerous walking paths in the world. You climb all over a mountain side, holding onto a chain while walking across planks high above the mountainside. Have a look at how scary this climb looks here. Do you know whatContinue Reading

January 2014 Issue of Wineskins Has Begun – People Who Shaped Our Faith

The them for the January 2014 issue of Wineskins is “People Who Shaped Our Faith“. I encourage you to go there and read the articles as they appear during the month of January. I will keep you posted here about new articles as they go up but also make sure to subscribe to IContinue Reading

The Closest Thing I Have Ever Had to Intentional Discipleship

was when I was a doctoral student at the University of Florida. This thought never occurred to me until my friend Eric and I were talking about graduate education and he brought up the point that it really is a discipling process. They groom you to become like your professors. Often, they pair you withContinue Reading

Karate Kid, Discipleship, and Why Some Are Leaving Christianity

Mr. Miyagi knew discipleship. He knew what it took to train someone to be able to do the things he did. Miyagi trained Daniel this way, not because cars needed to be washed but because these were the moves Daniel had to repeat enough times that it became natural to him (think muscle memory). WhenContinue Reading


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