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If You Are Interested In Making Disciples, Join Me On Thursday. Here’s How…

There is an online event this Thursday from 10am-3:30pm central with called “Upholding the Teachings of Jesus Today”. There will be several sessions throughout the day (all through Zoom) that will help us learn how to better make disciples in these challenging times.

Each class will consist of a 20 minute lecture followed by 20 minutes Q&A with the presenter, and a 20 minute breakout class.

I will be hosting a breakout class for our Wineskins readers during each of the 20 minute breakout class discussions. This is all done through Zoom. During those 20 minutes I will lead discussion just for those of you who checkout with the code below. This is a rare opportunity for us to really get to interact and I am looking forward to connecting with you on Thursday!

Registration is normally around $30. You can get 25% off with the code “wineskins”. Pleae use that code in order to get put in the right breakout discussion class with me, rather than a random group! The place to enter the code is right over where you select your number of tickets. Make sure to click “Apply” over the right after you enter the code.

You can register and get more information here.

Here is the information on each of the classes/presenters.

Here is a note from the leader of Renew, Bobby Harrington giving further explanation,

Here are 5 reasons why I am encouraging every church leader that I know to join us.

1. Best Practices in Disciple Making 

As the point leader of both and, I am going to provide a summary of many of the best resources and practices that are being utilized (for now and after COVID-19). This teaching will help your church to focus on her core mission (making disciples) with an awareness of some key resources for this time.

2. How to Give Spiritual Leadership in Troubled Times

David Young is one of the founders of, as well as a respected megachurch preacher, author, and leader. He is going to share, from a biblical and historical point of view, his top leadership insights for the time in which we live.

3. How to Disciple Our Children

July Bryant is a mom, a certified therapist to families, and a children’s minister. She will help everyone to understand the most important disciple making calling at all times, which is teaching our children how to trust and follow Jesus (Deut. 6:6-9).

4. How to Engage the LGBTQ Conversation

Guy Hammond is a same-sex attracted church leader, national speaker, and leader of a ministry called “Strength in Weakness.” The LGBTQ conversation might have calmed somewhat in this cultural moment, but after the current crisis is over, church leaders will want to be more prepared than ever to enter the conversation with grace and truth. Guy will help provide guidance for you and your church.

5. What Tools You Can Use Right Now

As seeks to help you “renew the teachings of Jesus to fuel disciple making,” you need solid tools that you can use right now—for online discipling groups and for those in personal settings. Mark Moorewill share show how to use his highly popular Core 52 material. In addition, I will share’s Trust and Follow Jesus material, which is designed as a simple and effective model for multiplying discipling groups every 6 to 12 months, thereby helping create a disciple making culture.

Sign up today by clicking here

Each session will offer you the opportunity to ask presenters any questions you may have, as well as provide valuable conversation inbreakout discussions. I hope to see you there! 

For King Jesus,
Bobby Harrington

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