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Understand Who You Are Following – A Few Words About Jesus

Jesus. He goes by many titles. Each one means something significant that will help us follow him more closely. We call him:

Lord – he is in charge (Matt 8:2)

Christ/Messiah – This means anointed one (Implies he is King – John 1:17)

Savior – He is the liberator from all that oppresses us including but not limited to sin (Luke 2:11)

Son of God – He is God’s very special and only Son and divine, fully God (Matt 14:33)

Son of Man – He was not only fully God but also fully human (Matt 9:6)

Logos – the Word made flesh (John 1:1,14)

Son of Abraham – a genetic and faith son of Abraham, making him Jewish and eligible to be the coming Messiah who would bless all the nations (Matt 1:1)

Son of David – The one who would sit on David’s throne forever (Matt 1:1, 2 Samuel 7)

Lamb of God – the pure, spotless one whose blood releases us from judgment and death (John 1:29)

He is the 7 “I am’s” – living water; bread of life; light of the world; door for the sheep; true vine; way, truth and life; and the good shepherd

He is the firstborn from among the dead – His resurrection from the dead, his body coming back to life again in a new creation body, gives us hope that he will do the same for us (Col 1:18)

Rabbi – Teacher (Mark 9:5)

Jesus was thoroughly Jewish. He wasn’t blonde haired and blue eyed. As an observant Jew he had fringes on his clothes (Numbers 15:38 – the tzitzit). He had sidelocks (payot) on his beard in accordance with Lev 19:27. He had all the identifying markers of Judaism because he never violated a single commandment (including phylacteries – the tefillin.

Why is this important? Because to be Messiah (the annointed one) he must be a descendent of Abraham, making him Jewish. To sit on the throne he must be a descendant of David (2 Sam 7).

Jesus is our example. He is the faithful covenant keeper. He is so hospitable that he invites us on the greatest journey one could ever participate in – to be his disciple.

Come follow along as we study his teachings next.

Jesus Preaches & Demonstrates the Gospel in Our Presence

Over the next several posts we will be paying attention to the methods Jesus used to make disciples. Jesus is the greatest discipler who ever lived. Let’s learn from his example as we have already determined that each of us are called by Christ to be discipled by Christ. So let’s let him disciple usContinue Reading

Parallel NIV/Greek New Testament PDF on the word “Disciple”

I am attaching a pdf for you to download that has all the occurrences of the word “disciple” in the NIV paralleled with the Greek New Testament. There are nearly 300 occurences of this word in the New Testament! In contrast the word “Christian” appears less than half a dozen times. In our current wayContinue Reading

One Step

Discipleship is a journey. It isn’t a sprint. It isn’t a label. It is a trek…an expedition with Jesus in the lead. Where he goes, we follow. Jesus doesn’t always go where we want him to go. Remember him resolutely setting his face toward Jerusalem where he would suffer and die? Remember him prophesying hisContinue Reading

Not Everyone Jesus Called Followed Him

There were people who believed in Jesus but never followed his call. At the end of Luke 9 (vs 57-62) we find a string of people who have interactions with Jesus but who all decide not to follow him. The first man offers to follow Jesus saying, “I will follow you wherever you go.” JesusContinue Reading

Jesus and Our Failures

Jesus was God, is God, and always will be God. When Jesus was on the earth he was God and man perfectly intertwined. This is a complicated subject that I don’t want to spend a lot of time on other than to say this – Jesus knew everything. He knew the thoughts of people (LukeContinue Reading

Developing Essential Discipleship Resources

I am starting work on a variety of resources that will be available for download on this site. They will all be building blocks in the discipleship journey. The idea is that as we discuss various matters pertaining to following Jesus it helps to have specific resources to help along the way. For instance, whenContinue Reading

Jesus’ Discipleship University

This may be the most important post yet in our discipleship discussion. I am going to lay out a progression that Jesus purposefully left for us by his example. He was the master discipler and I believe that the best way to learn to be a disciple and learn to make disciples is to followContinue Reading

The 4,380,000 Step Plan For Discipleship

4000 steps a day. 365 days in a year. 3 years with Jesus. If the disciples walked 4,380,000 steps with Jesus (I bet it was far more) we learn immediately that there is no 5 step plan to becoming a disciple of Jesus. There is a 4,380,000 step plan. It is going to take everyContinue Reading

What Do We Mean By the Word Discipleship?

It is always important to define our terms to make sure we are on the same page. Several people have asked for me to define my terms. I hope this is helpful. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on how you define this. I was at a conference a few yearsContinue Reading


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