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Church – Something is Missing and it’s a Bigger Problem Than I Thought

We got all five acts of worship going but something is missing.

We got church autonomy but something is missing.

We got qualified elders but something is missing.

We sing acappella but something is missing.

We teach the Bible but something is missing.

We meet on the first day of the week but something is missing.

We take weekly communion but something is missing.

We support mission work all over the world but something is missing.

We have a good preacher but something is missing.

And that something is…

How do you complete that sentence?

I have a zillion ways of filling in the blank but the problem is almost all of them are about someone else.

Here is my challenge to you. If you finish that sentence with something endemic/native to church then I challenge you to rethink that. That doesn’t mean what you filled in is wrong necessarily but I want you to change the focus of the problem.

The church is the people. You are the church. So consider for a moment rethinking “And that something is…” and think about your role in making church something more robust. Or maybe God is calling you to love an imperfect group of people who don’t do things just like you would, and that is good for you.

Maybe that something is my own healthy attitude.

Maybe it is my own participation that has lacked because I gave up on the vision or lack thereof.

Maybe it is my support and encouragement of congregational leaders.

Maybe it is my willingness to make disciples and be discipled.

How do you finish the sentence, “And that something is…”?


We are some of the only people in the history of the world to live a semi-comfortable life without having to try that hard. Until the last few generations people had to work for their food. By the sweat of their own brow and the work of their own hands food came from the ground.Continue Reading

The Root of Church Division is NOT Primarily Theological

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My History With Codependency and Ministry – A Path Toward a Healthier Church Leadership Culture

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Churches of Christ in Decline – Seven Things We Can Do To Transition to a Better Future

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One Word for A Better Future for Churches of Christ

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Church Co-Dependency Characteristics

In her book, Codependent No More, Melody Beattie makes clear being co-dependent “does not mean we’re bad, defective, or inferior. Some of us learned these behaviors as children. Other people learned them later in life. We may have learned some of these things from our interpretation of religion…most of us started doing these things outContinue Reading

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Church Co-Dependency & Naming Elephants: Fellowship

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