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An Open Letter to Christians Who Write Open Letters

If you take a blog post title and add “open letter” to it you automatically get 10 times the traffic and attention. While, on one hand, we write to be read we also must be responsible in our writing and not reward the worst in people.

My hunch is that “open letter” draws traffic because we want to hear the dirt on someone. We want to see someone get blasted. We like conflict, drama and tension…even when it is stirred up among brothers and sisters in Christ. This ignites the worst in us and I just don’t care to be a part of that. Maybe you aren’t like that but I know it stirs up that part of me that doesn’t need to get stirred up. I can do without it.

I am seeing this trend more and more in Christian online writing and honestly, it disturbs me. Aside from this post, done to make a point and not aimed at anyone in particular, you won’t find me writing “open letters” and I really don’t care to read them either. Yes they work, if your goal is sheer traffic. No, they don’t work if your goal is actual conflict resolution, reconciliation, or spiritual formation. I am after the second even if that means getting less of the first, how about you?

If you want reconciliation and resolution give someone a call. If you are after internet traffic at the expense of transformation keep writing those open letters.

100,000 Lesson Downloads!

I am happy to say the small group and Bible class lesson downloads have surpassed the 100,000 mark! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded them, used them, shared them, etc. I am always happy to get emails of people giving feedback on using the lessons. To God be the glory!

Wanting to Upload Curriculum By Women

Over the years I have uploaded quite a bit of free Bible study material and small group lessons to this site. God has really blessed the effort to provide free material and there have been nearly 100,000 downloads since I started doing that around 2007. What I don’t have on the site are lessons writtenContinue Reading

Social Media and the Entitlement to Being Heard

Social media has given a voice to anyone who wants one. When I first started blogging I blogged 5 days a week pretty religiously. If something came out in the news that connected with faith I tried to give my opinion on it. If there was some new big archeology discovery…I made sure to writeContinue Reading

Kingdom Living Blog Ranked 90th on Top 200 Ministry Blogs List

Happy to mention that this blog has once again made Kent Shaffer’s Top 200 Ministry Blogs list! This time around the blog is ranked #90. Just happy to be around, happy someone reads and happy God is using this to help others. Here is the catch. Thank ranking is for my old URL pre-transition toContinue Reading

Welcome to the New Home of Kingdom Living at

Thank you for making the move over to I am looking forward to blogging at this new platform and am looking forward to seeing all God is going to do through! If you aren’t subscribed via email and want to get all the posts here just subscribe over the right. Again, thank you forContinue Reading

What Every Christian Blogger Should Learn from the Miley Cyrus VMA Debacle

Stirring up controversy is a quick fix to running dry on time and talent. Don’t fall into that trap. Be patient, stay in the Word, pray continually and don’t be controversial to stir up traffic and a buzz just because you are bored or don’t have anything of depth left to say. Slug-fests attract aContinue Reading

13 Tips on Disagreeing With Love and Respect

After blogging for the last seven years learning how to navigate through disagreements has been a real learning process for me. Here are 13 tips for learning how to listen well and disagree in a cordial manner. 1 – Make sure you really are disagreeing. A small percentage of disagreements are people who agree butContinue Reading

How To Embed Youtube Video in

A couple of posts ago I tried to embed a video with no success. WordPress changed the way you do it and I got it all messed up. They actually made things as simple as possible but without telling us how they changed it, it ended up getting complicated. So now, instead of having toContinue Reading

The Problem With a Lot of Ministry Books Today

I just finished one of the most highly recommended books on discipleship written in the last six months. Here is the book in a nutshell – We are supposed to disciple people because God commanded it. We have to take God’s commands seriously. We haven’t done it (that was said at least 50 times inContinue Reading


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