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Claude Mariottini Examines “Confess/Confession” in the 2010 NIV Old Testament

After working through how the 2010 NIV used (or didn’t use) “confess” in the New Testament I asked Dr. Mariottini if he had examined its use in the Old Testament. He has posted some very helpful information on how the 2010 NIV translated “yada” (sorry for not having a Hebrew font on this computer) inContinue Reading

2010 NIV and “Confess”

Here is the breakdown of the 2010 NIV vs the NASB on “Confess” or “Confession”. All instances below (except for the one noted) are from the Greek word ομολογεω which can mean a variety of things but typically involves agreeing on the truthfuless of something sometimes with a public acknowledgement (BDAG, 708).  I selected theContinue Reading

2010 NIV Does Not Favor the Word “Confess”

Biblegateway now has the default search translation set to the 2010 NIV. I was doing a search for “confess” and it basically came up empty. It seems they have replaced it with “declare” (like in Romans 10:9, Heb 3:1), “acknowledge” (Phil 2:11), and “profess” (Heb 13:15). The only place it still shows up is inContinue Reading

Claude Mariottini Critiques the Revised NIV

Check out Dr. Mariottini’s concerns about the Revised NIV due out next year. A Step Backward

Book Recommendation – How Did We Get the Bible by Tracy Sumner

Jim wanted me to look through this book to see if it is something we might want to buy in bulk for interested people at Northwest. I am amazed by how much quality and unbiased information they packed into this little book. Sumner covered the contents of each book of the Bible, inspiration, canonization, andContinue Reading

Interlinear New Living Translation Online

You can now view an interlinear New Living Translation Online. [HT: Claude Mariottini] If you get a chance, also have a look at his post today on the Election of Israel. It is a good read.

Why Can’t They Leave Things Like This Out of Bible Prefaces?

From the International Bible Society’s NIV New Testament, “As a son or daughter of Adam, you were born separated from God and the close, trusting relationship he desires to have with you…your life can be renewed when you personally accept Christ’s sacrifice on your behalf…For this to happen, though, you must turn away from yourContinue Reading

Claude Mariottini Weighs in on Some Aspects of the King James Version

Dr. Mariottini has posted some useful thoughts regarding the KJV in response to an article in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. I love the way he has a balanced approach of not bashing the KJV but objectively and systematically pointing out some of its shortcomings while still respecting its value and importance in Christian history. HaveContinue Reading

Church Plans Bible Burning

Amazing Grace Baptist Church in Canton, NC plans a book burning for Halloween [HT: Brian Nicklaus]. They are burning books they believe are Satanic. On the list…just about any version of the Bible other than the Authorized Version (KJV). They are even burning the NKJV! I guess that leaves me asking which KJV do theyContinue Reading

Biblegateway, Can you Please Fix Genesis 2:7 in the NIV?

Biblegateway is an amazing tool and is something I use just about every day. I have emailed them twice over the last year or so asking them to fix Genesis 2:7 in the NIV and somehow such a glaring mistake still hasn’t been fixed. Here is what they have for that verse: “the LORD GodContinue Reading


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