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A Note to Frustrated Ministers

More and more I am noticing that there is a slew of ministers who want to take up the role of prophet…that is, speak words of rebuke and correction to those they minister to. Too often today through social media and on blogs we get a front row seat to ministers complaining about things, complainingContinue Reading

The Apostle Paul’s 9 Rules For Healthy Online Conversation

When you read Titus 3:1-11 it is almost like Paul knew Facebook was coming and that Christians would use it as a platform to thrash each other. Obviously he had no idea about that but the Christian internet community would be a lot more Christ-like if we put everything we type through the filter ofContinue Reading

Free Small Group Lessons: The One Another Passages

I have just uploaded a new small group series on “The One Another Passages“. It is 14 lessons, 29 pages and has been working really well in our small groups over the last month. Feel free to download it now or find it at a later date on the Free Curriculum page on this site.Continue Reading

God Has Made Himself Available

Prayer was a big part of the Old Testament. People prayed all the time. They prayed for many things and in many locations. That was possible because they believed prayer reached the very thrown of God. It is one thing for your words to be in God’s presence and quite another for you to actuallyContinue Reading

Adolescent Jesus, Adolescent Spirituality And Growing Up In Your Faith

My friend Jerry Starling has said, “We do a better job being like the adolescent Jesus than the adult Jesus.” Jerry says the picture of the adolescent Jesus we have in scripture if when Jesus was at the temple at age 12. Jerry says, the boy Jesus was answering and asking questions and that weContinue Reading

1 Corinthians 13 Young Adult Remix

If you want to reach 20 Somethings, here is the key – Love them and let them know it. You may not have all the “right” programs (as if there is a giant cookie cutter you can press into your congregation and make it work). Your worship may not be flashy. Your members may beContinue Reading

Praying Like Paul

I am touched and motivated by this prayer by Paul in Ephesians 3:14-21. We prayed this payer over our LIFE group tonight, “14 For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15 from whom his whole family in heaven and on earth derives its name. 16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen youContinue Reading

Book Giveaway – Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters by N.T. Wright

Congratulations to Luke Dockery who won an advance copy of Mark Driscoll’s book that is coming out next week “Who Do You Think You Are?“. I am following that up with another book giveaway. This time it is N.T. Wright’s book Paul for Everyone: The Prison Letters. This is an excellent book and one youContinue Reading

Glimmers of God’s Perspective

Two years ago last month I got an email from my mother. She had forwarded an email from the church office back in Alabama that a dear friend had passed away. I was stunned. Sammy couldn’t have been much more than 40 years old. I checked my email later in the day and the strangestContinue Reading

Exchanging Sensuality for Sensitivity

The world we live in tries to immerse us in the endless pursuit of passion and sensuality. Sensuality is not a word we use often but it is a worthwhile word to understand. It means “unrestrained indulgence in our sensual pleasures.” ( While that is seemingly appealing from a worldly point of view it isContinue Reading


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