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Why Are Young Adults Leaving Church? A Comprehensive Answer

There has been a mass exodus of young adults from Christian churches (including but not limited to Churches of Christ) over the last few decades. As I mentioned a few posts ago, there is a flurry of debate in blogs, facebook, etc on why young people are leaving the church in their early 20s. WhatContinue Reading

The Biggest Issues Being Discussed in Christianity Are All Connected

There are several topics that come up over and over again in Christian circles, particularly among church leaders, including: Reforming our ecclesiology, the idea that our worship needs an overhaul and… The segregation of the church into professionalized, age-specific ministries and the pitfalls that brings…and The failure of parents and youth ministry to disciple ourContinue Reading

Cultural Insights Gleaned from the Recent Discussion Over Harding’s New President

Over the last week or so Rich Little has expressed concern over Harding Universities selection of its next president. Rich has invited a number of guests (Harding alum) to post their thoughts on the appointment. This has included people like Don McLaughlin, Jonathan Storment, Sara Barton, Mark Moore, Dusty Rush, and several others. One ofContinue Reading

20s & 30s Ministry: The Kids/No Kids Dilemma

One of the biggest challenges in ministering to 20s & 30s is that there are so many different stages of life someone can be in and fit between the ages of 20-39. There are college students, singles, young marrieds, marrieds with young children and marrieds with teens. There is a huge difference between a personContinue Reading

10 Big Moves in Christianity Today

The move from teaching scripture to actual discipleship (includes teaching scripture but goes further) The move from attractional (come to us) to missional (go to them) The move from institutional church toward organic/simple community The move from tradition back to scripture The move from youth ministry toward family ministry The move from debating doctrine towardContinue Reading

James McCarty’s Thoughts on Why Young People Are Leaving Churches of Christ

James McCarty wrote an interesting post on why young people are leaving Churches of Christ: Homeless: An Essay on the Ecclesial Lives of Young Adults from the Churches of Christ James lays out 5 reasons he believes young people are leaving Churches of Christ and then ends the post with some words for those young people andContinue Reading

Spiritual Growth Workshop 2012

We are back from the Spiritual Growth Workshop 2012 in Orlando! It is always like one big family reunion with people from my past coming out of the woodwork. It was great teaching alongside my co-teachers Eric Green and Donny Dillon on ministry to 20s & 30s. It was also a treat to catch upContinue Reading

Interview with Mike Cope and His Ministry at What Really Matters

I am deeply appreciative that Mike Cope was willing to field some questions about his ministry with What Really Matters. God has really equipped Mike for kingdom work and it is a blessing to be able to learn from his perspective. He is a great thinker, communicator and is humble about how God has beenContinue Reading

How To Reach a Lost Generation 8: Effects of the Young Adult Exodus from Christianity are Bigger Than You Think

The most optimistic estimate is that at least 60% of Christians leave Christianity between the ages of 18-25. That is a big hole. But there could be something even more troubling that we have noticed in our ministry that is going to take us some time to address. There was a long time at NorthwestContinue Reading

How to Reach a Lost Generation Series

So far the How to Reach a Lost Generation Series is up to 7 parts with more on the way. Here is what has been covered so far in how to effectively reach 20s & 30s and grow their faith: Parable of the 60 Lost Sheep Who are we winning them to? Outreach that isContinue Reading


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