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Mission Statements

Mission statements can do more harm than good if they are words that don’t have corresponding action. Your mission is not defined by words on a wall or on your church letterhead but by the heart and soul of the culture of your congregation AND the leadership style that undergirds congregational life. A church thatContinue Reading

Who Are You Becoming?

The big debate in developmental psychology was nature vs nurture. How much of our personality and preferences are from our dna and how much is from our upbringing. Twin studies attempted to sort this out – twins separated at birth, etc. The real answer is that both matter. We are wired a certain way butContinue Reading

Five Helpful Books on Church Leadership in The Pandemic

If you lead an organization or a church, you know that the pandemic has brought out our need to be flexible and creative. Whether we like it or not, this season is a time of change and good leaders will navigate their way to the other side successfully…not without failure…but still overall, successfully. Here areContinue Reading

What Any Serious Belief In God Should Drive Us To Do

It is very important we live lives consistent with what we believe. If we say we believe something but don’t live in line with it on some level, how much do we really believe it? If we believe that there is an all powerful, all knowing God of the universe…who created each one of us,Continue Reading

Five Things Needed for A Vibrant Future

1 – Identify gifts in Christians, train specific skills and send to minister. 2 – Get along better with other groups of Christians outside Churches of Christ. 3 – Hold to solid biblical theology – don’t compromise your theology. A watered down theology won’t help us in the long run. 4 – Make disciples whoContinue Reading

Intellectual Integrity & Intellectual Honesty

Whatever it is you believe, you need to lean into with everything you have. If your beliefs aren’t worth being questioned, they aren’t worth being believed. The first sentence is intellectual integrity and the second is intellectual honesty. How many Christians say they believe in God but don’t live like it? That is lacking integrity.Continue Reading

The Little Gem in Acts 2:38-39 I Missed All These Years

Ask anyone who grew up in the Church of Christ to recite a verse from memory and chances decent they will quote Acts 2:38. “38 Peter replied, “Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. And you will receive the gift of the HolyContinue Reading

Normative vs Necessary

We are no longer meeting on Sunday. Is that okay? If it is okay then what keeps us from deciding to keep doing it this way forever? The answer is the difference between normative and necessary. What is normative when it comes to the assembly? Assembling. What is necessary right now? Find ways to doContinue Reading

Did God Send COVID19 to Punish Us?

I have heard this on social media more times than I would like to say. While I don’t claim to know the mind of God and while God hasn’t asked me to speak on this for Him we can examine how the world works from a biblical perspective. We need to look at Genesis 3Continue Reading

If You Are Interested In Making Disciples, Join Me On Thursday. Here’s How…

There is an online event this Thursday from 10am-3:30pm central with called “Upholding the Teachings of Jesus Today”. There will be several sessions throughout the day (all through Zoom) that will help us learn how to better make disciples in these challenging times. Each class will consist of a 20 minute lecture followed byContinue Reading


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