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Discipleship and Our Busyness Problem

You know the people Jesus turned away from following him were turned away because they were too busy with other things on their minds. Field to check out. Father to bury. Etc.

If people were too busy for Jesus then they certainly are today. While we don’t have Jesus directly walk up to us and ask us to follow him it is important to consider whether or not we are actually following him or if we are too busy with other things to give Jesus our attention.

In the parable of the sower there were seeds sown in areas that were rocky and full of thorns. I believe this has application to a life too busy for the gospel. We have made the decision. We followed the “Five Steps.” We sprung up quickly but we let other things rush in and distract us from Jesus.

Maybe it is team sports with our kids. Maybe it is work and maybe you use work as an escape or coping mechanism because you don’t want to be at home because things are stressful there.

How can we follow Jesus if our lives are too full of other things and our attention is so scattered that Jesus isn’t getting any of us?

This is really a discipline issue. We haven’t disciplined ourselves to say no. We haven’t disciplined ourselves to reserve time for who and what is most important. Maybe you need to write in your planner time for discipleship on a regular basis, that way when a competing event comes up you can check the schedule and see you already blocked off that time.

Church – Something is Missing and it’s a Bigger Problem Than I Thought

We got all five acts of worship going but something is missing. We got church autonomy but something is missing. We got qualified elders but something is missing. We sing acappella but something is missing. We teach the Bible but something is missing. We meet on the first day of the week but something isContinue Reading


We are some of the only people in the history of the world to live a semi-comfortable life without having to try that hard. Until the last few generations people had to work for their food. By the sweat of their own brow and the work of their own hands food came from the ground.Continue Reading

Theodrama on Wineskins YouTube

There has been a project I have been waiting to see come to fruition for several months now that launched this morning. I am only going to mention it once here on my blog and point you to it – John Mark Hicks is doing a 52 part theology series on the grand narrative arcContinue Reading

What is the Hardest Thing About Following Jesus?

We will all answer this question with different answer. I am curious how you would answer it. For me it is not being in charge. I don’t get to set the direction. I don’t get to chart the course. Jesus is in charge and he is on the move. I get to follow him whereverContinue Reading

How to be a Non-Anxious Presence

Those people in your life who exhibit this trait really stand out. They stand out because it unusual and admirable. It is a different way of living, being and seeing. They see others from a non-threatening, non-fear based perspective. How do you get there? Prayer Fasting Dialog with those who make you anxious Following JesusContinue Reading

The Root of Church Division is NOT Primarily Theological

Church split for two reasons that have theological spin but not theological roots. We say that church split over instruments or over women’s roles. That is what brought tension to the system but the system wasn’t robust enough to handle the tension. What is the root? The first root, that I have been discussing relentlesslyContinue Reading

My History With Codependency and Ministry – A Path Toward a Healthier Church Leadership Culture

Our churches are charged with anxiety. They are charged with anxiety because we have set ourselves up as the ones who have perfect doctrine and practice. Once you have claimed that you will always struggle with anxiety because there is great fear that you will mess something up and ruin your brand. The only wayContinue Reading

Ten Serious Questions for Serious Disciples of Jesus

Who has my full attention? Who do I view with judgment? How often do I pray for my enemies? Would others around me know I follow the Lord? Why or why not? Who or what is my life lived in submission to? Do my relationships have any connection with the Christ? What do I doContinue Reading

Discipleship Sermon – Shifting Church Paradigms and Culture

Here is the video of the sermon I preached last Sunday at Westside Church of Christ in Bakersfield. It ties together much of what I have been talking about here in one sermon. This has forced me to put some of the pieces together a bit more succinctly so I share this here in hopesContinue Reading


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