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When God Does The Shaking Up, How Do We Respond?

Have you ever driven somewhere familiar that when you arrived at your destination you didn’t remember the drive? There are seasons of life where you just feel like you are getting through the day. In times like that we need a good shaking up!

Have you ever driven at night, dangerously tired…veering a bit to the right or the left. Maybe you slap yourself or roll down the windows or yell real loud…you do what you can to stay awake and stay alive. That is a dangerous way to drive and our lives can be very similar to that. In times like that we need a good shaking up!

I believe now is our time of being shaken. The salt shaker has been knocked over and our tendency is to tidy up rather than find things to season with it. There is a big paradigm difference between the two. Some people want to keep the salt where it belongs – in the shaker. Don’t make a mess. Don’t make a fuss…get things back to the way they were before the spill. Other people want to use that salt to season some food, you know, what salt is actually intended to do!

If you want some scripture on this, read the beginning of Acts 8 – it took persecution to finally scatter the early Christians from Jerusalem and they took the gospel with them wherever they went and had great joy!

Whether or not your shaking results in a fervent effort to get the salt back through the tiny shaker holes or find some meat or food to apply it to will be a reflection on your priorities…mission or comfort…lost or saved…mercy or judgement.

Which will it be? God has done the shaking. The next move is ours! My hope and prayer is that God caught us at the perfect time to spread that salt out rather than rush to tidy up. I am seeing signs of life that I haven’t seen in quite some time and I am encouraged. I hope you are as well.

Where do you see kingdom movements during these tumultuous times of shaking?

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