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Not a popular word these days. Conviction draws lines. Some will agree and many will not. I am not talking about being a divisive person. I am recognizig the fact that strongly held beliefs by their very nature differentiate people from each other. They make some people stand out in an area where others do not. Conviction embraces self-differentiation…recognizing that not everyone else will share your strongly held beliefs and values and that their lack of agreement doesn’t lessen the degree of your conviction.

Conviction is the recognition of what is absolute. You truly know what it is and what it is not. That means convictions are uncompromisable. In our culture today fewer and fewer people operate out of uncompromisables. Not everything people say is a conviction is truly that. There is a difference in a strong belief or feeling and a conviction. If justice is a conviction then you would be doing something about those experiencing injustice…getting angry at news of injustice does not a conviction make. Conviction was the difference in opening an apple product and a PC. The apple product felt like you were opening a piece of art where every single detail was put perfectly in place so much so that you almost hated to disturb the packaging. Opening a PC was an attempt to get all the junk in the trash as fast as possible to find the product under all the Styrofoam, cartons, plastic wrap and tie downs.

Conviction is not only absolute…It is immutable (doesn’t change over time). True conviction will be just as true and just as strong ten days from now as it will be ten years from now. It doesn’t matter who agrees or who doesn’t for a conviction to be a conviction.

It is more important than ever that in a world of compromise that we become uncompromising on what is truly true and what is truly right. It is more important than ever that we understand who we are and not be afraid to be different. When you live by conviction there will be people who are jealous enough of your certainty to try to bring you down. It will be tempting to compromise but don’t do it.

What is it that you believe strongly enough to call a conviction? What keeps you holding on to it regardless of what anyone else says, does or thinks?

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