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Baby Dancing to Beyonce Single Ladies

This baby is amazing. It is funny to see the baby imitate what is on the screen just after they do a similar motion. I never really thought Beyonce would make the blog but this is just too cute. Plus you have to give her some credit for her handling of the Taylor Swift, KanyeContinue Reading

Shaq Dancing with Jabbawockeez at the NBA All Star Game

This video makes me laugh. I bet it was impressive to have been there… Like this:Like Loading…

Amazing Breakdancing Video

And now for something completely different…There has always been something about breakdancing that I find intriguing. This video is of a guy named Junior at the Red Bull breakdancing competition. See what you think… Like this:Like Loading…

Disney World and Longing for Heaven

As a parent of a two year old and a four year old, I can’t exactly say that everything about the last few days we spent at Disney reminded me of heaven. The heat, aggravated people, and cost of it all might just call to mind another place quite opposite of heaven. But in allContinue Reading

The New Testament Scholar Two Step

Line dancing…something they can all agree on! I tossed Piper in the mix. Maybe I should do one with all the trendy young ministers. Can you imagine Driscoll and Bell dancing hip hop together? Elf Yourself – New Testament Scholar Edition Like this:Like Loading…

N.T. Wright on Worshipping Without Inhibition

Commenting on the woman who anointed Jesus at Bethany in Mark 14: “It always happens, when people decide to worship Jesus without inhibition – to pour out their valuables, their stories, their dancing, their music, before him just the way they feel like doing – that others, looking on, find the spectacle embarrassing and distasteful…NotContinue Reading

Have People Lost Their Minds?

I don’t usually bring things up of this nature but this really has me pretty upset. Over the last several months there have been some really strange and evil things that have been happening all in the Tampa Bay area that makes me think people have gone crazy and lost their minds. Here is theContinue Reading

212 Christian Blogs Worth Viewing

Here is an expanded blogroll of Christian blogs. Many of them are from the church of Christ. These do not include the blogs from my sidebar but I will add them in when I get a chance. For more blogs see John Dobbs’ list here. Adam Ellis Adrian Warnock Adam Gonnerman Al Sturgeon Alan BevereContinue Reading

I Have Been Elfed!

If you haven’t seen you have really missed out. It is only available for a couple of more days. Here is a link to a clip of myself, my wife, brother-in-law, and dog-in-law all dancing as elves. Enjoy! Like this:Like Loading…

Two Other Must Read Posts

The first is by Mike Cope about Laughing in Worship. Funny and touching all at once. The second is funny in a different  kind of way by Keith Brenton on Adding to Scripture. Like this:Like Loading…


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