Parallels Between Jonah and Paul

Both were heading to Spain

  • Jonah 1:3 – heading to Tarshish (in Spain)
  • Rom 15:24, 28 – Paul wants to go to Spain

Both sailed on the Mediterranean

  • Jonah 1:3 – boarded a ship on the Mediterranean to get away from the Lord’s calling
  • Acts 27:1 – It is decided Paul would sail for Italy…they sail on the Mediterranean

Both encountered a great storm on the sea

  • John 1:4 – a great storm comes upon the ship
  • Acts 27:13-14 – a great storm comes

Both crews threw cargo overboard

  • Jonah 1:4 – threw cargo over to lighten the ship
  • Acts 27:18 – threw cargo overboard to lighten the ship

Presence/absence of seeking the Lord’s guidance

  • Jonah 1:6 – pagan captain tells him to pray…Jonah doesn’t
  • Acts 27:24 – an angel has given Paul assurance…he passes that assurance on to the crew

The captain advises Jonah, Paul advises the captain

  • Jonah 1:6
  • Acts 27:10-11

Jonah didn’t listen to the captain, the captain didn’t listen to Paul

  • Jonah 1:6 – captain tells him to pray but we have no evidence that he did. He knew it would do no good
  • Acts 27:11

This reads like Paul is the inverse of Jonah…Jonah experiences these things in his running away from the call and command of God. Paul experiences these things running toward the call and command of God.

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