Expert Advice on Protecting Our Kids from Predators

If you have young kids in your home like we do you know that it is paramount that you keep an eye out for your kids. We do all kinds of things to protect our kids from things. Many of us have spent countless hours up at night on google diagnosing weird symptoms, convinced our child may have contracted a rare Malaysian bird flu. We want our kids to be safe. Knowledge is power.

Why on earth would we not spend a few hours learning how to spot the warning signs of a child predator?

I interviewed Jimmy Hinton this week in order to get that information into your hands to protect our kids in our homes and churches. Jimmy’s dad is a convicted child sexual abuser. He abused over 100 kids. Not only was Jimmy’s dad an abuser, he was a minister and now Jimmy fills the same ministry role in the same church his dad once filled. He is bringing healing to families and awareness to people of how to protect your kids.

Please pay attention to what he says here. An hour of your time might save someone a lifetime of problems.

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