What Is It God Really Wants?

This has become a very important question for me and I want to share a few reasons why that you may find helpful.

I don’t really think I can get inside the mind of God and come up with His answer for every conceivable question. The benefit of asking this question is not to get the perfect answer every time…here are some of the benefits:

This question helps me weed out my own agendas. Am I just pursuing this because I am being selfish or is this something God is truly pleased with?

This question helps me check my flesh. For instance, if I am upset with someone and my pride gets in the way…asking this question helps me get that in check.

What is it God really wants?

This also puts other people’s opinions in perspective. Am I doing something just because others want me to or because I really think it pleases God? This helps me address my co-dependency to keep from doing things to please people or to continue to display a favorable view of myself to the world.

Sometimes doing what God wants most will let people down. Sometimes it will result in me not getting my way. It might make me look bad in front of people who I want to look good in front of. That’s all okay if I believe I am truly pleasing God in those moments.

This has been a very important question and maybe you will find it helpful as well.

What questions do you find yourself asking over and over again in various situations?

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