Pura Vida

PuraVidaWe learned in Costa Rica that the way they say something is cool is “pura vida”…the pure life. It is on license plates, bumper stickers, shirts…you name it. You hear it as a greeting and as a reaction to something great.

Here is what wikipedia has to say about it,

Pura vida is a characteristic Costa Rican phrase. It literally means pure life, however, the real meaning is closer to “plenty of life”, “full of life”, “this is living!”, “going great”, or “real living”.The phrase can be used in many ways; for example, it can be used both as a greeting or a farewell, as an answer expressing that things are going well, or as a way of giving thanks.”

The phrase reminds me of this scene in the Princess Bride

YouTube Preview Image

As Christians we hear that phrase quite differently. Pure life…lived in tune with God…putting aside worldly things and pursuing the One who made the world. Understanding our status as God’s children and living without hindrance radical lives of selfless devotion. Giving up entitlement and putting others first. Pure life.

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