The Birth of Jesus Starts on the Margins

Check out my post over at Wineskins today, The Birth of Jesus Starts on the Margins. Jesus entered this world in the humblest of circumstances but it is far more than just being born to a poor family in a manger. The story of the margins in the life and ministry of Jesus has far deeper roots than that going back well over 1000 years. Check it out when you get a chance!

We Have A Verse for Everything…or Maybe Not

I posted this on my facebook wall and got a really good conversation going there so I am posting it here for those who read things here but also to save it for future reference. There was a time in Churches of Christ when we taught that every conceivable thing we do is backed byContinue Reading

Openness and Honesty are Not Ends unto Themselves

There is an idea that has been floating around out there for a while that says as long as you are honest about your mistakes then everything is good. There has been a premium placed on authenticity and transparency over the last few years that is very healthy in one respect. However, it can veryContinue Reading

Antidote to Fear from Ezra-Nehemiah

Ezra and Nehemiah tell the story of the exiles returning from captivity to resettle the promised land. They come back to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple and the walls of the city. These rebuilding projects are external signs of a deeper inward rebuilding project. That project is the rebuilding of a holy people to theContinue Reading

Building a Theological & Ministry Library Part 1 – Bible Dictionaries

I am starting a series on what books to buy for various areas of study. I am going to break it down two ways: the list is in order of importance. Second, I realize people are on a budget…maybe you are in school and just getting started and so money is tight. I will pointContinue Reading

No One “Makes You Angry”

The exact same event can happen to two different people and get two different results. One person gets angry and the other responds in love and compassion. Anger is a choice. No one actually “makes” you angry. You choose to be angry. No one reaches inside your head and hits the anger button. The onlyContinue Reading

The Ministry of De-escalation

There has been a lot of news lately about law enforcement and their use of force. I am not so sure this is happening more than it used to but with the advent of cell phones the video of these instances heightens our awareness of it. In law enforcement there is a time when anContinue Reading

Nehemiah 1 – The Prayer

Nehemiah starts off with bad news. People return to Persia with news regarding the state of affairs in Jerusalem. The wall is in ruins and the people have been shamefully treated. This breaks Nehemiah’s heart. His response is found in 1:4, “When I heard these things, I sat down and wept. For some days IContinue Reading

Christian Voyeurism

Christianity has a real problem with voyeurism. No, I am not talking about peeping through people’s windows at night. I am talking about watching other Christians fight in public. When one prominent Christian says something, another responds with sharp criticism. Then the vultures begin circling via social media looking down to see who is vulnerable.Continue Reading

Wearing Masks, Halloween and the Draw of Anonymity

Halloween is kind of creepy. I don’t find the idea of ghosts and ghouls creepy. That is obviously the pretend stuff. Pretend things are easy to brush aside. What I find creepy is when you cannot tell who someone is. We just had a Fall Festival and it was a fantastic success with hundreds ofContinue Reading


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