Does God Still Speak to Us Today?

What is God really up to? Is He doing miracles? In what way is God engaging the world, now?

We read about all the things He did in the Bible. Does He still do things like that today or did something change?

To the point of this article, does God still speak to people today? We hear famous Christian leaders and teachers tell us that God told them to say or do certain things. It would be hard to argue with God so wouldn’t it be hard to argue with their conclusion? How do we really know…how do they really know…God told them that? My really strong feeling isn’t really enough to say God said it, right?

Here is my personal opinion. I believe the Holy Spirit still communicates today. The Spirit communicates for us in prayer (Romans 8). The Holy Spirit, I believe, can influence us. How many times have you had someone on your mind in a strong way and you contacted them only to find out they had a real need? I believe the Spirit can influence our thinking, put people on our minds, etc as we are led by the Spirit.

For me, personally, I have had dreams that I did have a strong feeling God told me something. It wasn’t anything that told anyone else what to do. If God starts telling you what to tell others in a dream, I would be suspicious a bit…why not just tell them directly? We can end up crossing some spiritual boundaries when we declare to others what God told us to tell them, and there is no arguing with that! The dream I had was something I was supposed to do and it came with a warning toward disobedience. Did God do that? I suppose He could. Should I be obedient to that? Yes, if I believe it truly came from God.

The most stunning examples of God informing us have come through dreams, prophetic dreams. The kind of dreams you dream that happen exactly as you dreamed the very next day. The kind of dreams that told you someone’s deepest secret that they needed some help with. Or the kind of dreams being dreamed in countries around the world where Jesus reveals himself to non-believers and they come to faith when they would have had no other way to do so without the dream.

I believe God speaks today. I am not so sure we have Sinai or Pentecost experiences. But I do believe the Bible wasn’t God’s last word to us.

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