Do the Next Right Thing

Somethings things get complicated. It gets hard to make what seems to be the best decision. If you do this, someone gets hurt. If you do something else, someone else might get upset. It can drive you crazy trying to figure out what to do. Missy and I have this saying that we will often tell each other when things get messy – do the next right thing. Whatever you know is right. Do that. It may not be perfect. It may not make everyone happy. But is it the right thing to do? Is it morally acceptable to God? Is it pleasing to God? Would God be honored by this action over that action?

This simplifies things a bit because it cuts through some of the clutter. It cuts past what people are going to think about it. It cuts through how people might react. It gets you over the hump on what might happen next once the decision is made. It focuses on God’s perspective rather than man’s perspective. In doing so, the answer often gets clearer at times when clear is hard to find.

I find this simple tip helpful for hard, big decisions. I also find it especially helpful for small, everyday decisions to just keep myself on track.

What are you wrestling with at the moment? What sort of decisions are stretching your ability to make them? Try doing the next right thing. You may not know where all it will lead but if it is right then you don’t have to worry about what is next. God will take care of that.


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