Jesus and Compound Miter Saws

One of my favorite blog posts of all time was one I did in 2017 on how to put a spring back in a Ryobi 10 inch compound miter saw. I was changing the blade one day when a little spring fell out. It was the spring that pushes the guard out of the way as you lower the blade. After a lot of research online all I could find were comments about how nearly impossible it was to get it put back in and no one was telling you how.

So I worked on that thing and worked and worked until I figured it out! Then it hit me. I should create a guide for people with the same problem. So I took it all apart again and documented the procedure for getting the spring back in.

There are a number of posts that get significant traffic every day and this is one of them. Every now and then I get a comment. When I see a notification that there is a comment on that post, I beam because the comments are priceless. Read them when you have a minute in the link above.

Why do I love the comments? Because the people who posted them were in the same predicament I was in and they, like me, couldn’t see how to get through it to the other side. The post has helped quite a few people and it makes me happy to know that.

How does Jesus fit into this? I wish I had a Jesus post that got the same kind of comments…comments that someone was in the same predicament I was in and something I said helped them get through it. Maybe I am not talking about Jesus enough. Maybe I am not being vulnerable enough. One of my goals in 2019 is to get a blog post about Jesus that generates the same kinds of comments as that post on the Ryobi miter saw spring!

Time to get it done!

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