Wineskins Marketplace: A place to buy, sell and trade books and Christian media

We just started a new forum on Wineskins for buying, selling and trading theology, ministry, and biblical books/multimedia. I use amazon a lot but I would prefer to help out someone who is a Christian in the process of acquiring new books and also have an easier place to sell books without the fees that come along with selling on amazon and ebay. See what you think and if you have something you are selling or are looking for something in particular you can post all of that there – Wineskins Marketplace


Logos Review: The Book of Revelation (NIGTC) By G.K. Beale

Beale’s Revelation Commentary in the New International Greek Testament Commentary series is excellent. It is listed as one of the top commentaries on Revelation by Scot McKnight and, although as McKnight notes slightly dated (1999), it is extremely thorough. Beale goes to great lengths to give you the major interpretations of the most important aspectsContinue Reading

Three Audio Sessions on Young Adult Ministry from Spiritual Growth Workshop 2014

I know a lot has already been said at nauseum online about young adults and that they are leaving the church in droves. The reason I am posting this is not to try to add one more voice among the millions but to start a conversation on what it means to be a healthy churchContinue Reading

What Is Your Church Passionate About?

I just posted an article over at Wineskins about the things that stir people up and what that reveals about our priorities. Have a read and feel free to comment! What is Your Church Passionate About?

God in a Box and Our Inability to Dream or Act

Have we locked God down so tightly in our logic and doctrine that there is no room left to dream…so developed the pattern and forumlated a “thus saith the Lord” on every conceivable matter so that there is no room left for wonder? Have we replaced all the “?” with “.”? In our desire forContinue Reading

Creating Safe Ministry and Worship Environments

Congregational assemble should be a time when we can have some level of vulnerability. That is more true of meeting in homes than in an auditorium but it should be true of both. The problem is, we are human and we have been conditioned to be very quick to make judgments based on very littleContinue Reading

List of Bible Blessings to Speak Over Children

Two Sunday’s ago we talked about blessing. One of the things that was mentioned was the need for parents to bless their children as people in the Bible often did. Here is a list of biblical blessings that can be used as either blessings to be said over children or a starting point for youContinue Reading

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus: A Devout Muslim Encounters Christianity by Nabeel Qureshi

On my trip to Costa Rica a few weeks ago I read a fascinating book that was recommended to me by my friend Eric. Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi gives some fascinating insights into what it is like to be raised as a devout Muslim. But the story doesn’t stop there…as Nabeel QureshiContinue Reading

The Problem with Source Criticism

is that it comes from a generation immersed in sources. Source criticism is a theory that studies at documents like the New Testament and trying to determine where those who wrote it or even Jesus himself got his initial information from. It assumes there aren’t really many new ideas in the history of humanity butContinue Reading

Logos Giveaway Contest

Logos is going to be giving away the 9 volume Tyndale Ministry collection on August 19th. I know some of you use Logos products and I have really benefited from using them in my studies so I like to pass these things along when they come up. This collection includes: How to Live Forever byContinue Reading